If you do not like RNG Crates, can you still enjoy SWTOR?

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A tale of love between a player and a game in a Galaxy Far, Far Away…

So, I stumbled upon an interesting Reddit thread. The topic was “Would love to hear from happy SWTOR players, old and new.” I did read most of the answers by other players and was surprised with the level of positivism among the players. This post was modified and personalized even further to fit into the form of what I would consider a blog post. The types of post I rarely do… I offer you below the modified version of my own post into that thread and am eagerly awaiting to hear from you about your own opinion and how do you feel about it!

These are my own opinions and thoughts. They are from the perspective of a SWTOR veteran player, who has enjoyed the game since long before its official release and has never taken any breaks from it.

First, a little sadness, though.

I don’t like the RNCrates. I decided in the end of 4.X that with KOTET‘s launch I will no longer bother raiding and obtaining gear. It’s likely that my characters will remain for a long time (forever?) at the 224 station. I care little about the side drops from the RNCrates. I went from a hard-core PvE raider and a serious PvP player to a “filthy casual” slowly through these 5 years and am happy to be a casual now.

Am I happy

I have my own website, youtube channel and a ton of real life obligations to keep me busy. My love for EndGame (the real one, while it existed!) has been a serious issue for me for years and now when it is officially gone, I can finally explore what little remains of the game that I haven’t seen yet. I am happy to have more free time. I am glad that I still have a Star Wars MMO to play. The fact that it’s the ONLY one available, is a little limiting. I’ve been saying it for over a decade (since SWG) – I am a Star Wars junkie and will likely play and enjoy almost anything as long as it has the magic letters in the title. Well, Battlefront isn’t in this list, hence the presence of “almost”.

If I said I don’t like the RNCrates, how can I be happy

I don’t pay Bioware for anything but my monthly subscription and luckily I can easily afford it, thanks to people who enjoy my video content and written guides – as in I earn enough from these to pay for the game I enjoy and cover. Also I don’t care for the new shiny armor set that would cost 1440CC. I can still do Veteran Uprisings with ease even in 224 gear, because they are not HARD, they are designed for Veterans – meaning any player with experience and class/mechanics knowledge can do it as long as they aren’t going naked. I can also easily do HM Flashpoints, again because of the low level of challenge. Undermanng and Soloing the content is always an option to keep my level of entertainment high enough. I’ve done all the Operations in all modes more than enough times. I can live without re-doing them again at 70.

That’s it. I know it’s a bit too personalized and my reasons may not apply to 99% of you, folks, but the question in the thread didn’t specify too much, so I went for it :D

You say things now! Let me hear your thoughts on the RNG Crates and the CXP Boosts!

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