Mass Effect Andromeda BEGINNERS GUIDE: Basic Tips for an Easy Start

It’s nice to have a good head-start by knowing some things in advance :)

Long before its launch, Mass Effect Andromeda was already claimed to be the biggest hit for 2017. Most of the fans are just beginning their adventures as a newly promoted Pathfinder. Now is the perfect time to look around for a few extra tips on how to make your first steps easier and get yourself a head-start in Andromeda. The 4 pages below will help you learn different aspects of the game:

  • Page 1 Includes a brief overview of the game, New Features, Single and Multiplayer Tips
  • Page 2 reveals all the Basic Training types, Abilities and Profiles available to the Pathfinder
  • Page 3 is all about crafting and its 2 stages: Research and Development
  • Page 4 contains information about the Galaxy and Planetary Maps and some misc tips

It may look like a long and overly complicated article for a Beginners Guide, but I think it reads fast and is easy to understand ^^

Basic Overview

Game Overview

Mass Effect Andromeda is an open world 3rd Person Action-RPG with heavy emphasis on free-form exploration and story. Despite the first negative reviews and some fans raging about the ugly and weird characters animations and lack of lip-syncing, the game’s innovative for the Mass Effect series gameplay and free form exploration are a huge hit in the right spot and can surely keep you glued to the screen for hours and days.

Being 4th game in a series is never easy when it comes to attracting new players. That’s why Bioware’s developers decided to make a fresh start. A reboot, if you like. The new game will give you a fresh chance to start some 600 years after the original events of Mass Effect 2 with brand new characters and stories to explore. Some mechanics and systems have been removed, others have been implemented in their place, while the core is still a pure Mass Effect experience. A perfect match for every fan.

The game is powered by the popular Frostbite game engine, but is quite demanding still on hardware resources. It’s available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox.

Gameplay Innovations and New Features

Even if you are an experienced Mass Effect veteran, some new features and innovations may surprise you. Let’s take a look.

Worlds in Andromeda

Mass Effect Andromeda Beginners Guide - Worlds Exploration

One of the biggest differences to the original Trilogy is that here all planets and worlds are much bigger and wider (vertically too).  They allow for deep and extensive exploration. A lot of them will unlock special additional areas/zones to explore after you have completed certain amount of missions or have triggered a special conversation.

Main missions will only lead you through a small part of the total number of available quests, places, experiences. The rest is up to you to discover. Go above and beyond. Don’t leave a stone unturned. Interesting rewards and situations await on each step you make that doesn’t follow the main path. Side quests, minerals rich areas, deadly beasts and tons of other surprises await your appearance. Be brave! Explore!

The Jump-Jet

Mass Effect Andromeda Beginners Guide - Jump-Jets

I don’t know about you, but I’ve kind of missed the ability to jump in the previous Mass Effect titles. Now this is possible and not just that, but it’s an important part of the game as well. Pretty much everything can be jumped onto or over. The vertical aspect in Andromeda is very real and well implemented. The Jump Jet isn’t a special ability. You get it from the very beginning of the game. It has practically no cooldown. I highly advise you to use it often and a lot. Jumping and holding the right mouse button will allow Ryder to hover in the air for a few seconds. Dodging (scroll-click) while in the air will extend your jump time and distance.

Auto-Cover Mechanic

Mass Effect Andromeda Beginners Guide - Auto-Cover Mechanics

There is no need to press a special button if you want to go into cover. The ability to crouch is now also automatic. The game recognizes objects that can serve as cover automatically and as soon as you approach them with your weapon out (not holstered!), Ryder will automatically go into cover and even crouch, if the cover is low and closer to the ground.

Supply Crates and Ammo

Mass Effect Andromeda Beginners Guide - Supply Crates

There is no ammo to be loot from corpses in Andromeda. Instead spread in strategic locations you will find Supply Crates. When you approach them, all your ammo and abilities will automatically be refilled. Crates can have different contents. For example some will also be able to heal you up too. There’s no self-healing in Andromeda.


Mass Effect Andromeda Beginners Guide - Scanner

Ryder has a scanner tool that he can use to scan new technology and interesting objects. Some times the main story requires the usage of this tool. For the most part, though, it is entirely up to you as a Pathfinder to show your curiosity and eagerness to learn more about the technology you come across. Depending on the objects’ origins, you will receive Research Data points as you scan objects during your adventures. These points are used for Researching new schematics of weapons, armors, mods, augments.


The Multiplayer component to Andromeda isn’t tied to the solo game. You are free to start participating in cooperative matches with friends and players from all over the world.

The biggest and most important advice I can give to a beginner regarding Multiplayer in Andromeda is – DO NOT PARTICIPATE in it for a while. Seriously, get into the story and learn the basics the way the game intended it for you to do it. There are several major spoilers in terms of lore and even story that may ruin some of your fun discovering them through the solo game.

There is a relation between the solo game and Multiplayer still. It’s not about the story and achieving/unlocking certain aspects and outcomes. No. The link is called Apex missions. The Apex Strike Squad you build while playing the solo game, can serve you in so called Apex Missions. These provide extra rewards and can be completed either manually by playing them with friends or random players online or sending your available squad(s) to do the objective(s). You start with one team that can go on one mission at a time, but you can recruit more. When sending your AI squad to complete a mission, you have a chance of success or failure. The duration of each mission is 1-2 hours usually.

If you wish to farm more efficient (even while at work or in school :P), download the official Mass Effect Apex HQ app.

There is also a training multiplayer mission, which you complete solo in a matter of minutes. It is perfect to introduce you to the typical mechanics and objectives involved in a multiplayer match.


If you learn and understand things better while watching instead of reading, here is a version of this guide in video format with visual demonstrations. In the video you will learn essencial tips and suggestions for Mass Effect Andromeda Beginners and completely new to the franchise players. Get a headstart by learning the basics of training, profiles, skills and combos, game mechanics, exploration, leveling and more.


[arve url=”” title=”Mass Effect Andromeda BEGINNERS Tips for an Easy Start (No Story Spoilers) ” description=”Essencial tips and suggestions for Mass Effect Andromeda Beginners new to the franchise players. Get a headstart by learning the basics of training, profiles, skills and combos, game mechanics, exploration, leveling and more.” /]

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