Grandmaster WOLVEN Gear Guide | WITCHER 3 Blood and Wine Armor

Grandmaster WOLVEN gear: diagram locations, crafting, stats, appearance

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With the release of Patch 1.21 and the 2nd expansion to the Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, called Blood and Wine, Geralt now has a chance to equip himself with an even higher tier of Witcher gear – the Grandmaster Set. There are 5 available Grandmaster armor sets representing 5 different Witcher schools – Bear, Griffin, Wolf, Cat and Manticore. This guide will help you start the quest for the Grandmaster Wolven (School of the wolf) armor set, obtain all the diagrams and craft the armor parts. It is a Medium Armor Witcher set for lvl 40 or higher (at the time of writing the guide, patch 1.22) and consists of 6 pieces.

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witcher 3 grandmaster ursine bear school armor set starting quest in toussaintStarting the quest

The opener quest is one for all the armor sets and is given by an NPC located in the middle of The Duchy of Toussaint. As soon as Geralt enters the store of this armorer called Lafarque, he offers him a deal – Lafarque will provide the locations of the diagrams and the witcher has to find and bring them all to the grandmaster armourer.

Locations of the Diagrams

All 6 of the Grandmaster Wolven Witcher Armor Set are located inside the Termes Palace ruins. They are separated in 2 different chests with 3 diagrams in each. In the first one you will find the Grandmaster Wolven steel sword, Grandmaster Wolven silver sword and the Grandmaster wolven gauntlets. The chest is located in the eastern corner of the underground maze. The 2nd chest contains the Grandmaster Wolven armor, Grandmaster Wolven trausers and Grandmaster Wolven boots and is located in the south-western end of the ruins. For visual reference, check the video linked above and the pictures shared below.

Requirements to craft

Like all the other Grandmaster Witcher sets, the diagrams and the crafting components are not cheap and you should either stock on crafting materials or prepare at least 30k+ crowns. Here are the requirements as well as the stat bonuses attached to each item. You can also check the linked video for crafting and appearance.

Visual appearance

For better visual appearance, check the video guide. Below I have shared 3 screenshots showing off the Grandmaster Wolven set.

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Happy Hunting, Witchers!

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