Star Wars Battlefront II All Hero Classes and Abilities

Immerse yourself in the game with an iconic Star Wars heroes

Like in the previous Battlefront from 2015, the second game also allows you to play as an iconic character from the Star Wars universe. They are called Heroes and can be unlocked with Battle Points earned during a match. Each one has a unique set of powerful abilities, which can be modified with Star Cards.

This is a list of all Heroes and Villains classes in Star Wars Battlefront II with useful information about style and abilities for each one of them!


This is a list of all currently available Villains in Star Wars Battlefront II with their special abilities


Star Wars Battlefront II Boba Fett

Boba Fett hunts his enemies by ambushing them with blinding concussion missiles and barrages of damaging wrist rockets, all the while staying constantly on the move with his jetpack.

Boba Fett is one of the most feared bounty hunters in the galaxy. He’s technically a genetic clone of his “father,” Jango Fett, who first appeared in the prequel trilogy.

Default Abilities:

  • Concussion Rocket – a single concussion shot, dazing enemies caught in the blast
  • For the Hunt – enemies around are revealed for a short period of time during which Boba Fett dissapears from enemy radars and can utilize unlimited Jetpack fuel
  • Rocket Barrage – a hail of small rockets is launched from Boba Fett’s gauntlet


Star Wars Battlefront II Darth Maul

Darth Maul uses his expert saber skills and aggressive Force powers to quickly assault and overrun the enemy, one at a time.

Darth Maul is one of the primary antagonists of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. His iconic dual-bladed lightsaber appears in full-force in the Battlefront II E3 trailer; no doubt it’ll be handy in quickly cutting down foes.

Default abilities:

  • Furious Throw – hurls his lightsaber, damaging all enemies it touches
  • Choke Hold – uses Force to choke enemies before throwing them to the ground
  • Spin Attack – leaps forward, executing a high-velocity lightsaber spin attack



Bossk is a hunter, able to go on the offensive to root out his prey with deadly Dioxis Gas or keep his distance and snipe from afar, protecting his position with mines.

Default abilities:

  • Dioxis Grenade – A thrown grenade which releases a potent cloud of dioxis gas that will damage enemies who stand within
  • Predator Instincts – Loads his gun with high-damage micro grenades and engages his Trandoshan instincts, gaining thermal vision and enhancing his physical strength
  • Proximity Mines – Throws out three sticky mines that detonate on proximity trigger, dealing high damage


Darth Vader

Darth Vader’s high survivability and powerful Force powers enable him to stand on the frontlines and slowly advance on his enemies.

Wield the full arsenal of the Lord Vader’s vast powers against the enemies of order.

Default abilities:

  • Lightsaber Throw – Throws his lightsaber, cutting through and dealing damage to any enemies in the way
  • Focused Rage – Channels the dark side of the Force and focuses his rage. His melee strikes drain no stamina and deal more damage
  • Choke – Chokes a cluster of enemies ahead of him, dragging them off the ground and through the air to drop them into danger


Emperor Palpatine

The sinister ruler of the Galactic Empire is a daunting opponent. The Emperor’s mastery of the dark side allows him to wield terrifying powers against the forces of good.

The Emperor wields Force lightning as his regular weapon and also uses it to fuel his arsenal of special abilities.

Default Abilities:

  • Chain Lightning: Force lightning strikes a target and then spreads to hit other nearby enemies.
  • Dark Aura: The area around The Emperor is charged with Force energy, damaging and slowing foes.
  • Electrocute: Palpatine immobilizes enemies in front of him with electrical energy.


Commander Iden Versio leads the Imperial special forces unit Inferno Squad. An expert pilot and soldier, she solves the Empire’s problems through unconventional means.

Iden utilizes powerful weapons and calls on her droid to stun and destroy opponents.

Default Abilities:

  • Droid Shield: Iden’s droid creaters a protective shield around her.
  • Pulse Cannon: Fires long range, charged shots for heavy damage.
  • Stun Droid: Iden’s droid stuns an enemy. The stun can chain to nearby enemies.

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