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EA has stepped up their game this time and Star Wars Battlefront II is much bigger and better than the first game from 2015. With over 14 locations to explore in various single and multiplayer modes across all 3 Star Wars eras, Battlefront II aims to offer the ultimate Star Wars experience.

Let’s begin with a general overview of the Multiplayer in the game and what is available in terms of modes, rewards, classes etc.


Star Wars Battlefront II introduces multiplayer classes for each and every single one of the multiplayer modes. There will be different classes for the ground fights as well as for the starship battles.


Here are the 4 available ground classes:

  • Officer – Officers make their teammates better. They wield special skills to buff Troopers, lock down enemy positions with automated blasters, and strengthen their allies. This is a healing class.
  • Assault Trooper – Fast, tough, and very effective at close-to-medium range, Assault Troopers clear the path for teammates and punch their way through enemy lines.
  • Heavy Trooper – The Heavy takes territory and dominates it, providing the foundation for a team position.
  • Specialist – Specialists employ deadly traps to harry enemy forces, reveal battlefield intelligence to their comrades, and snipe at enemies with long-distance weaponry.

To learn more about the classes and their unique specifics, check this: Star Wars Battlefront II Multiplayer Classes Overview


Star Wars Battlefront II will allow you to play with many different Hero Characters. They are stronger in every way than the regular 4 classes. Hero Characters are unlocked with Battle Points.

For more information on the available Heroes in the game, read this: Star Wars Battlefront II Heroes and Villains and their Abilities


Special characters are a new unique feature to the 2nd game. They stand between the regular troopers and Hero class characters andcome equipped with potent weapons and powerful abilities. Some, like the Clone Jumptrooper can rocket over the heads of enemies to take them from behind. Others, like the Death Trooper can deploy deadly devices like the spectacular Sonic Imploder. Special characters typically appear on maps where their presence is thematically appropriate. You’ll encounter First Order Flametroopers on Starkiller Base, but you’re not likely to see them on Theed.

Battlefront II will give you a chance to pilot a wide variety of vehicles both on land and in space. Many will return from the first game and new ones will be added. The major difference is that to pilot a vehicle in Multiplayer you will now need Battle Points (a new InGame currency – read about it further in this guide), instead of getting them as a random Power-Up somewhere on the map. Some of the vehicles will feature seamless transition instead of directly spawning you as a ship. That will, however, only be available for the smaller models.

To learn more, read this article: Star Wars Battlefront II Vehicles Overview


The collectibles called Star Cards have also been reworked from the ground up. You’ll get Star Cards by completing in-game challenges and quests, as well as though Crates, rewarded for gameplay progress in Star Wars Battlefront II. Cards come in a variety of rarities, with each tier reflecting a corresponding adjustment in power level. You’ll earn new cards as you play, opening new creative options for configuring your favorite classes and characters.

Classes can be outfitted with different Star Cards as well, and different combinations of Star Cards will reward the players with vastly different experiences. One Specialist might excel in trap-laying, while another might concentrate on becoming the ultimate stealthy sniper.

To learn more, check this article: Star Wars BATTLEFRONT II Star Cards, Crates and Progression Options

Star Wars Battlefront II Star Cards


Battle Points are an all-new feature in Star War Battlefron II that bring an extra dimension of risks and rewards to the game. Whenever you contribute to your team’s progress in modes like Galactic Assault, you earn Battle Points. Take down a foe? Save an ally? Most actions will net you points that can be cashed in to summon reinforcements, changing the flow of battle. Become the Death Trooper and clear a path through enemies, or leap over your foes as the B2 Rocket Droid.

While you’ll usually start out matches as one of the four trooper classes, you’ll be able to change things up by respawning as reinforcements. These come in a variety of forms, from vehicles you can pilot like the V-wing starfighter or thundering AAT, to special characters like the Clone Jumptrooper and B2 Super Battle Droid. You’re also able to earn Battle Points when controlling vehicles or playing as special characters, continuing to grow your reserve.

Star Wars Battlefront II Battle Points


We will have a brand new canon Star Wars single player story, where we will take the role of an Imperial TIE Fighter pilot Captain Iden Versio and will fight for the Empire. The campaign aims to bridge the gap between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens.

The 2nd game will also offer 5 different multiplayer modes:

  • Starfighter Assault – intense dogfights across high atmosphere and space
  • Galactic Assault – epic 20 vs 20 all-out warfare
  • Blast – fast paced close-quarter combat
  • Strike- strategic, objective based battles
  • Heroes vs Villains – iconic Star Wars characters go head to head

Watch this 4 minutes long trailer, voiced over by John Boyega and learn what EA is bringing to Star Wars Battlefront II this year. Continue to the next pages to learn the details about each one of the available gameplay modes.

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