7 Starfighter Assault Beginner Tips for Star Wars Battlefront II

If you are new to the game, this Guide will help you get an easier start!

This Guide is aimed at Beginner players in Star Wars Battlefront II’s Starfighter Assault Mode. The 7 basic tips, listed below, aim to help you get a good start. Feel free to add more to them in the comments below!

And at the bottom of the article you will find the video version of this guide, in case you prefer to watch and listen instead of read :)

1. Lower the sensitivity of your mouse for Starfighter

Similarly to shooters, you want small, precise movements with your mouse when you are targets hundreds of meters away from you. When you play against human pilots the main thing you have to remember is that they think and act very much in a unique way every single time you enter combat. This isn’t the pre-programmed AI, that does knows the same limited number of moves and performs them over and over. In Starfighter you will need to be quick and have a good trigger-finger. Lowering the sensitivity of your mouse will help you aim better and lower the amount of vibrations. Just be sure not to turn it all the way down, because that would throw you in the opposite situation, where you will be moving and turning too slow and that’s far from what you want. The perfect settings are different per game resolution, mouse model and pilot’s personal preferences. Test and adapt it to your liking.

Now that I mention testing…

2. Play the campaign and get more familiar with how to control the ship

The best place and way to learn the very basics of piloting a starfighter, is the solo campaign. Many of the missions feature combat in space and as I mentioned before, you can easily train yourself against an easier and more predictable opponent. Nothing fits this description better than the AI.

Once you have grasped the basics of movement and have learned how to turn and tilt, it is now time to…

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3. Turn on Advanced Flight

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The automatic leveling feature, when Advanced Flight is OFF, helps you to get your Starfighter back to horizontal position after a certain flip or turn. This isn’t something you would want in a real PvP match. No. There you would need the complete freedom to control 100% of your ship. To turn this feature off, go to the Controls section in the Options tab, scroll down and simply turn “Advanced Flight” ON.

4. Stay near objectives and objects

Even when your main objective is to kill enemy ships, you would want to stay where your teammates are and where the action is. Going all alone is almost always not a good idea. Whatever ship you choose, you will always want to participate in the main objectives of the current state of the match.

5. Use the Zoom function, it will help your aiming

This could be a bit tricky, especially on a keyboard and mouse combination, but I highly recommend it to beginner players. Click and hold the right mouse button to zoom in. This will allow you to see a little better your target and assist you in aiming for it. However, be careful not to overuse it as while in Zoomed mode, you have a slightly limited field of view.

Keep in mind that the more experienced you become, the less you will need to zoom in. With practice you will begin predicting moves, catch your opponents off-guard and align yourself properly, so zooming in may at one point even transform into a waste of time. Not always, though! It will always gain you a nice advantage in a long-distanced fights.

6. Fill in the 3 Star Cards Slots as soon as possible

Star Wars Battlefront II Star Cards

Based on what Star Cards you have, this could be a useful advice or not so much. If you have done the  solo campaign in Star Wars Battlefront 2, you will likely have quite a few Star Cards to start with and some crafting materials as well as enough Credits to get you a good amount of Loot Crates. I recommend you to unlock Star Cards first, then start updating whatever you seem to have most fun with and are most useful to your tactics. Unlocking them first will help you get a better idea of how exactly they affect your performance and special abilities. Plus, having 3 small bonuses from 3 Star Cards is better than having 1 medium bonus (from, say, 1 half-upgraded Star Card that you focus on).

7. Use your special abilities wisely

Before you jump into the cockpit of a new Ship, take your time and read the descriptions of its abilities. Arrange whatever Star Cards you may have for that ship. Firing with your primary weapon is cool and important, but it’s the special abilities that will make the difference. They may also save your life countless of times.

These are the 7 starter tips I picked for you today. There are a lot more and if you want to help other fellow beginner Starfighter Assault Pilots, leave your suggestions and recommendations in the comments below.

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