How to get Legendary Orcs and Gear in Shadow of War

What are the best ways to get a Legendary Orc Follower or a new Legendary Item in Monolith's game

This quick guide will help you better understand the best possible tactics and mechanics you can use in Middle-earth: Shadow of War to get new Epic and Legendary Orcs that you can use in your fortress cnquests, send to the pits or destroy for Legendary Gear.

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The following methods are the quickest to yield you an Epic and /or a Legendary Captain. Take a look through all of them before you make up your mind which will be your favorite. Some yield varying results based on time spent and RNG, while others require more “farming”, but the outcome is 100% guaranteed.

Get Legendary Orcs through Domination

Get Legendary Orcs through Domination

One of the most popular abilities in Talion’s arsenal is to Dominate his opponents. Once the Orc “goes green” (during a fight) you can Dominate and potentially recruit him into your army. Some orcs may refuse and reject you if they have the Iron Will trait, for example. In this case you can Shame the Captain and meet him again later in Mordor. When shaming orcs, there is a high chance that they will lose their some of their traits.

Remember, you can only Dominate orcs that are your level or lower. This means that if you meet a captain higher than Talion’s level, regardless of their traits, you will not be able to make him your Follower.

Death Threat can be issued to any Captain in Mordor and it will rise their level with +5. This is a good way to avoid. Death Threat isn’t a method that will directly give you a high tier orc, but it’s great to level up a lower level one that you like. It’s especially useful for farming your Legendary Gear as this will grant you higher level items. this saves you the additional leveling of Legendary Sets later on.

Get Legendary Orcs through Community Challenges

Get Legendary Orcs through Community Challenges

Community challenges are special InGame events set by Monolith. They have different tasks and are available only for a limited time. Some offer you to upgrade a Follower of yours with a Legendary Training Orders to immediately upgrade them to Legendary status and give them new traits. Most the challenges can easily be completed during a Fortress Assault of a Siege Defense.

Community challenges that grant you Legendary Upgrade are the best and most secure way for you to get a Legendary Captain. However, some times completing them may take some time and effort on your part.

Get Legendary Orcs by getting killed

Shadow of War Orc Tribes

This is a simple one. Turn up the difficulty of the game (to speed up the process, if you want to) and go to the nearest group or orcs. Any regular orc (slaves too, but not always) gets promoted to a Captain if they kill you. By choosing the orc that kills you, you make certain that the desired type of captain will appear. They may not be Legendary, but if you allow the same orc to kill you repeated, they will eventually become Legendary.

When you get killed, the game progresses. Missions get completed and new orc captains spawn. These will be random, though – Normal, Epic or Legendary, and there is no way you can control what types of new captains spawn.

Get Legendary Orcs by sending them to the Online Fighting Pits

Get Legendary Orcs by sending them to the Online Fighting Pits

Fight Pits were already a big part of Middle-earth: Shadow of War’s gameplay when one of the free updates brought the Online Fighting Pits mode. You can now send your best (well… any, really) warriors to compete against other players’ orcs in a deadly fight for glory and… rewards for Talion.

You can send any common Captain to the Online Fighting Pits. If the orc survives in 5 matches in a row, he will be automatically upgraded to Legendary.

Be mindful, this is a very risky method and you may end up losing many great orcs. The Fighting Pits are a not an ideal method to rely on for gaining Legendary.

Get Legendary Orcs from the Market

Shadow of War Market and InGame Currencies

Even though this is my least favorite (by far) method of getting new Followers for my armies, the amounts of Mirian earned through normal gameplay is insane. Getting Orcs from Market Chests is more or less a game of chance. If you purchase the higher tiers of chests (Gold and Mithril) you get better chances of Epic and Legendary orcs to spawn, but these chests cost Gold.

You can get small amounts of Gold by completing the Daily and Weekly Challenges Monolith puts into the game. There’s also a chance for a higher tier orcs to spawn from Spoils of War Chests. You can get these by participating on Online Vendetta and Online Conquest missions.

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