The BB8 Drawing – Epic Conclusion of an Amazing SWTOR ExtraLife Event

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Today is the drawing for BB8 from our ExtraLive event

Don’t miss it! This evening (EU time) will be the drawing of the 3 big winners for the 3 big rewards:

Well, we know, everyone was a winner from that event, especially the 90ish people who pledged a donation for the Children Hospitals. I cannot tell you an exact time. It will happen Live on my Twitch channel and I will be joined by Jessie and Moxy, probably JT too, maybe more. It will likely be around 21-22GMT. If I do have a raid, the stream will begin 1-2 hours earlier and the drawing will be in its end.

The list of all people who will participate in the drawing, is available here:

If I have a guild ops run tonight, the drawing will be after the run and will serve as the epic conclusion of an amazing week we had together. It was more than a week for some of us, for others it started on 7th November, last Saturday.

The good news is that the total amount of donations reached and passed the 5k mark! Amazing, right!

See you tonight! Stop by, see who wins. How great would it be if the winner is YOU and you are ONLINE in Chat. Give us the chance to celebrate together, be there with us! :)

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