All the details about the 1st SWTOR Producer Live Stream for 2016

The Video

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The Notes

Live show started right on time with ~1200 viewers already flooding the chat like mad with the usual discussion about PvP, Content, Story, Romances etc.

The main topics for the stream are:

  • State of the Galaxy
  • Changes since last stream
  • Chapter X: Anarchy in Paradise
  • New Warzone
  • Eternal Championship

Hosts are the community manager Eric Musco and Ben Irving.

State of the Galaxy

Group content – Because of the long 4 years that passed and with new players coming in 2015, they decided to revamp the outdated content. They are fully aware that there is a group of players who did play the “old” content while it was relevant, but unfortunately they have no exact news or announcement for the moment. As soon as they can give new details, they will.

Galactic Trade Network Search – They think they got to the bottom of the issue that has been around GTN since launch of Fallen Empire. Thanks to the community, the dev team is now aware of what the problems are exactly and are working on a fix

Events – To compensate for the fuck-ups with the events from the Holidays, they are bringing back all the events starting 12 Jan for 1 week each in January.

Guild Conquest Rewards – Running scripts and resolving the latest issues with players who did not receive their rewards and/or experience other issues.

Cartel Market – They are commited in the next 2 weeks to publish a blog post with more details on upcoming changes. Couldn’t share official information on this live stream, just buzzed a note on what’s coming.

Changes since the last Producer Livestream

The Eternal Championship was planned for Chapter X, but wasn’t ready for it, so was pushed back for a later date – Chapter XI.

Bowdar is returning with Chapter XI

Blizz recruitment mission is coming with Chapter X.

Chapters will be released 1 every 4 weeks until the finale of the Fallen Empire story. Each chapter will also bring additional content except for the story.

Chapter X: Anarchy in Paradyce

Coming 11th February. The mission is all about Firebrand!

Blizz, apparently, will have their own Jawa crew. The conversations will be different depending if players have finished the main story and have met Blizz before or have started fresh as level 60 using the token from the Cartel Market.

Eric Musco confirmed that choices DO MATTER. Some of the consequences we may see much alter in future chapters.

Crafting Update: Skill increases to 550! Wohoo! New craftable gear and mods will appear as well as new crafting materials. Before the end of January a new detailed Crafting Dev Blog will be published. More streamlining and unifying changes are made to the system. It appears that the changes are so extensive, it may take more than 1 blog to list and explain. It’s all coming with Chapter X!

Eric answered the hot question of “What happens with our Augments when crafting cap increases” evasively with “Wait for the Dev Blog on the Crafting changes. We are not going to influence negatively all the players and economy by doing stupid things” (I rephrased it :P)

The 2 hosts claim they have been hard in work on improving performance and it will be noticed with the releases of Chapter 10 and 11.

Class changes are going to happen mostly in small chunks and the team promised to be in close touch with the community and its feedback

January/February Sub rewards

This segment was a quick reminder of what was promised in the previous live stream – long term sub-rewards and 2 days early access for each chapter.

The New Warzone!

It’s taking place on the planet shown in the screenshot. It is NOT Yavin 4! Reminder – they said “planet” and Yavin 4 isn’t one :)

The Warzone will be based on Odessen!!!

More detailed information will come in February.

The game will be “King of the Hill”, multiple hills will be available and will spawn randomly. The devs just did their first test playthtough and are all excited. This, to me, means that the map is in a VERY early development…

ETA is… “come back in February” they said… D’OH :D

There’s no information yet when the next Ranked PvP season will begin.

Coming with Chapter XI – Eternal Championship

Eternal Championship It’s coming with Chapter XI and is a SOLO challenge to test player skills. It will contain 10 encounters where the first 5 would be easier and until the end toughness and level of challenge will rise. Bioware wants both veteran players and newcomers to feel like they are achieving something by beating these challenges. There will be 3 weekly missions with various tasks. The gear requirements would scale up with each challenge. First 5 should be doable easy with entry-level gear. It’s not set in stone exactly how much they will tweak the final challenges, so Ops Gear might not need to come into play. “Do players need to have the chapters of KOTFE completed to do these challenges?” – Chapter 9 of KOTFE will be required, confirmed by Tait Watson as the 2 hosts were not 100% sure when the question was asked. Some of the encounters will drop rare loot.

► Gear Rewards from Eternal Championship | 01.14.2016, 10:54 PM

Hey folks,

One of the things Ben mentioned on the live stream, is that the dev team is looking to get some feedback regarding rewards from the Eternal Championship. Currently there are weekly quests for defeating 5, 7, and 10 encounters. Here is what Ben was looking for:

  • What level of gear should be rewarded for clearing 5 encounters?
  • What level of gear should be rewarded for clearing 7 encounters?
  • What level of gear should be rewarded for clearing 10 encounters?

Feel free to answer by comparison (this should drop gear similar to a HM Flashpoint) or in Item Rating.

Thanks everyone.


This was all the content from the Producer Livestream that aired on 14.01.2016.

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