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Be very careful when you discover new Bugs in Fallen Empire!

So, we are yet again in new territory. SWTOR Patch 4.0 is here and it brought with itself a few new Bugs in Fallen Empire.

I already had a chance to hear/read about two big ones:

  • The one about level 60 character tokens – you are allowed to remove the character before you progress in the story and with levels (as in go beyond lvl 60)
  • The one about Nico and the instant 10 levels gain on a new character – if you have Nico already, you can call him on a new character and get to do the droid mission for a huge amount of XP, instantly granting you lvl 10.

Warning, guys. These, as well as maybe a few others, will likely be claimed as EXPLOITS! We remember the silly mistakes Bioware did last Winter with 3.0 and Ravagers and then last Summer with the Cartel Market Chair and… who knows how many more I haven’t heard about.

Please, think twice before you decide to benefit from one of these present bugs. Most of them are not worth the potentially incoming ban from Bioware.

I’d hate to see good people having to suffer bans and paying for Bioware’s stoopid (!) mistakes :)

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