SWTOR KOTFE Chapters 14 and 15 to release in June

Bioware plan to keep their promise and because of that and their schedule of releasing a new Fallen Empire chapter every 4 weeks, we are receiving 2 Chapters in June. Chapter 14 is set to open for early access on 1st June and the surprise is that Chapter 15 will also be available for early access on the very same date!


What the hell am I going to do with SO MUCH content available (counting here the Witcher 3 Blood and Wine expansion launch as well, of course)

► Chapters 14 and 15 both coming in June | 05.12.2016, 02:59 PM

Can confirm, both Chapter 14 and 15 are coming in June. As a note, this means that if you are a subscriber on June 1st, you will get early access to both Chapters.


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