A SWTOR Tale of Olden Times, Soon To Be Forgotten

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EV and KP NiM are gone in SWTOR Patch 4.0! Should we mourn their loss? Probably Yes. Most likely No.

(If you have seen the video already, just browse the screens and skip the text,
it’s mostly the same from the script)

Not 2 days ago Bioware announced in a Developer Post on the official forums the removal of the Nightmare mode for the classic operations Eternity Vault and Karagga’s Palace. I deliberately overreacted a bit in my Twitter and Facebook posts and in the Fallen Empire News Video Update 5 Recap, to make it more interesting and hopefully attract your attention, make you remember the 2 operations or if you haven’t been there ever, visit them while you still can.

Let’s make it clear from the beginning. The 2 ops are staying, in fact they will be scaled to lvl 65 along with all others. It is just the Nightmare mode that will be removed from the game.

Now, the personal part. Remember, my opinion is not the right opinion, this is a matter of personal feelings and thoughts, so after you hear mine, please share yours. I am interested to read what my audience things about this.

Gharj, 2nd boss in EV

Bioware’s reasons
to remove the 2 NiMs are totally valid and understandable, the fact that all the unique rewards will be granted in the new HM versions of the ops, is also a good idea. Then what’s wrong? You know I’ve been in the game since before its launch. You know I have done these ops countless times in all modes at various levels from 50 to 60. I have all the achievements. By the way, the achievements for the Nightmare modes will be removed and transformed into some sort of a Legacy Achievements, a stand-alone category most likely.

Soa, final boss in EV

Because the ops are here from the very beginning,
it makes my skin shiver. No, I wont miss them from the gameplay perspective. I have been there, as I said, so many times, I have achieved everything I possibly could, long ago too. It’s very unlikely that I’ll ever enter them again if they were available after 4.0. It is, however, important to point out, that EV and KP NiM mark the beginning of the End-Game for me and many others like me. Even though they offered no new mechanics and their biggest challenge was to survive the possible 1-shot in 16man from some bosses (because of class balance and RNG), they were the first thing that we did after finishing leveling and initial gear farm (FPs and Easier tiers of the ops). The First NiM ops showed to the community who the top guilds were, the most dedicated raiders. I know most of them are not in the game any more, but it is the memory that saddens me.

Let’s not make a drama out of all this. Nothing game breaking is happening. This SWTOR Opinion is just to serve as a social engagement and to provoke you to share with me your thoughts, but also with it I want to give my final respect and admiration to the once epic End-Game content called Eternity Vault Nightmare and Karagga’s Palace Nightmare.


Bay the way,
how many of you still remember the game breaking bugs with Soa (the final boss in EV?). How many remember how unprepared Bioware was with End-Game when they launched the game on 13th of December (early access, if you don’t know) or 20th December (the official launch date) if you prefer. And do you remember that back in December we only had access to the first boss in Karagga’s Palace – Bonethrasher? Also, in those days we played the game with bulky shadows, uglier than even my face (meh, stupid joke, should remove it), no anti-aliasing features. We also believed that with tweaking the game files manually, we can achieve more in terms of FPS. We also fooled ourselves that any day now Bioware will resolve the FPS issues and bring the gameplay to its normal levels. D’OH!

I don’t have videos from my first kills in EV and KP, because back in early 2012 I still didn’t have the thought of owning a Gaming and Star Wars/SWTOR dedicated channel. I do have plenty of screenshots, though, and I am now sharing them with you. They are here, among the rows of letters and symbols I pretend to call a Blog :)


In the end, the short answer is
Of course, the removal of EV and KP NiM will not break the game, most of us will not even really ever think of it. So, why did I publish this opinion? Because it is my own and I also own my own channel! Ha! Seriously, though, it’s because I have mixed feelings about Bioware removing old content, just like the feelings I had when they removed the first classic HM/NiM token gear from the vendors. I also wanted to spend 10-15 minutes and share my already fading memories from my first days in SWTOR.


Now comes the best part!
In the end I will ask you, again, what do you think? Will you miss EV/KP NiM? Did you farm the hell out of them years ago and completely forgot that they exist? Or do you, perhaps, have a totally different and unique vision for the news Bioware served us?

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