More issues with Conquest System and its future in SWTOR

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Bioware is aware of the ongoing issues with Conquest System

In a Dev Post Eric Musco made it clear that they know about all kinds of problems with missing rewards and points. Many players have reported the issue and since it’s been going for quite a while now, their decision is to TURN CONQUEST OFF for the time being. After Fallen Empire launches, for at least a month, nobody will be able to earn points and compete in the Conquest system, while Bioware is looking into it and trying to fix whatever is broken

Conquest Reward Issues and Fallen Empire | 10.06.2015, 09:37 PM

Hey folks,

We have read a few threads about issues with Conquest rewards not being granted and acknowledge there is definitely an issue with that system. As a result, beginning on October 20th when we launch Early Access to Knights of the Fallen Empire, we will turn off Conquest events for at least the following month. Once we resolve the issue, we will let you know when to expect Conquest events to return.

For those who have not received this week’s Conquest rewards, we’re reviewing the situation and will give you an update soon.

As a note, it is likely that over the next few weeks leading up to Fallen Empire there may be continued issues with Conquest rewards being granted. If you choose to participate in Conquests between now and 4.0, please be aware you will not receive your Conquest rewards when the Conquest ends. There is no need to file a Customer Service ticket. We will attempt to grant them to those that have earned them in the coming weeks.

Thank you for your understanding.


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