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The recently published SWTOR 4.0 Changes to my favorite class through my own eyes.

After Bioware released the Sith Warrior and Jedi Knight SWTOR 4.0 Changes blog post, it is time for me to share a little more personal opinion, observation and analysis. What you will read may seem like I am raging or panicking at times, but actually this is more of an attempt for an unbiased and honest preview. As usual, I will keep true to my favorite class always and regardless of what Bioware turn the Sentinel and Marauder into, their story and gameplay will remain my favorite. I can’t say how, but I am certain of that :P

Here we go…

Burning You To Death

(UPDATED 11.11.2015)

The Annihilation and Watchman spec is no longer a mess. No more chaos in 4.0. The new passive boost to Annihilate and MS is nice, but does not change anything in our priority and gameplay. The alterations to the DoTs behavior and their duration is a huge step in the right direction. The fact that we no longer have 0m Leap/Charge is not a problem at all, because of the focus building boost added to Melt. All of the important abilities can be used on Cooldown now in a perfect rotation. We know that such a monster doesn’t exist in the real SWTOR environment, only versus the Operations Dummy target. The Burst is still less than 0, but the sustained damage and the playstyle of the discipline have been significantly improved.

After I had enough time to test the announced as well as the hidden changes, here is my complete WATCHMAN 4.0 Guide: Post Banner MINI FRONT PAGE Template - SWTOR Class Guide Jedi Sentinel Watchman 4.0 Discipline

The Sustained Burst

(UPDATED 11.11.2015)

One would ask… just like I did when I first read the changes from the Developer Blog: DoT on the Carnage and Combat side… what the hell is a DoT addition doing in a burst DPS discipline? Why do they add a sustained damage boost to a burst spec? Carnage still remains starving for more active abilities to use in the rotation. One brand new ability included in the Carnage Discipline would have been nice. I know that none of the classes will receive any special attention and all will get the 1 shared ability, but now or later, Carnage/Combat needs another look. The DoT is a good idea to boost the sustained damage and give us a bit of a jump during the builder phases in-between Precision/Gore, but I still don’t like it. The fact that it is added passively to Blade Dance (the old Master Strike), means we have to use it now as a high priority skill, because in many occasions in 3.0, Master Strike was neglected in favor of the quicker big hitters. After the Crit changes, Alacrity now plays a much bigger role and with optimized 220/224 set players will be able to insert a Blade Dance in every Precision/Gore window, even without the help of Zen/Berserk. That is, of course, if their Server Ping allows for it, or in other words, if their lag is not too big. Anything higher than 70-100 latency would potentially ruin this tiny window after Blade Dance ends, but Precision is still active.

Tripple Gap-Closer Heaven

About Concentration and Fury I cannot say much good or bad. Most of you know that I have no warm feelings towards the spec and the passive boost of its DPS does not change the weird ability priority. Non the less, the discipline remains very viable in PvP and kind of situational in PvE.

My Complete SWTOR 4.0 Video Collection

If you have missed something from SWTOR 4.0, here is my complete collection of video guides and tutorials: Post Banner MINI FRONT PAGE Template - EVERYTHING ABOUT KOTFE


For the full and detailed information on the announced SWTOR 4.0 Changes, check out the news article I published or watch my videos:

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