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Have you encountered the “SWTOR Companion Romance Bug” in 4.0 yet?

If not, I wish you’d never get it. If you have experienced it, you probably know how annoying it can be. I myself have not had the “pleasure” of encountering it yet, but if you are unlucky to get stuck with it, fill the form linked down below.

Just a few minutes ago, a subscriber and follower of mine (@Swedguy97) posted me the link to a Petition he started. It is aimed at Bioware and the idea behind it is to show the developers of our beloved game how important it is for any and all story-related bugs to be fixed.

Here is the full text and below is the direct link to fill in your details and support this petition. Please, only do that if you have encountered the bug and can explain what it is about, how did you encounter it.

Star Wars: The Old Republic’s latest expansion has faced a story-breaking bug which has become known as the ‘Companion Romance Bug’, where the game no longer registers companion romances.

This was first discovered when players were randomly unable to mention in-game during Chapter II to Valkorion that they are in love with one of their companions.

At first this seemed like a minor issue, but during Chapter IV, players also did not recieve the In-Game Mail from their romanced companion. It was later discovered that Companions can no longer be romanced during the pre-Knights of the Fallen Empire story.

This is a bug that has been overlooked by the developers and we have not heard anything from any of them.

As a result of this bug, we are missing out a piece of the story, and it also poses as a potential threat to future chapters when we recruit romanced companions.

Bioware: Fix the KOTFE Romance Bug

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