Nico Okarr’s Outfit will be Legacy Bound in KotFE

Bioware just confirmed today in a Tweet post that the full Nico Okarr’s outfit, including weapon, subscribers will receive this Summer will be bound to Legacy, meaning any and all companions will be able to use it. Including droids, apparently!

► Nico Okarr Companion – promotion ended

► Nico Okarr Blaster Set – be subscriber on 31st August 2015

► Nico Okarr Duster Coat – be subscriber on 30th September

nico okarrnico okarrnico okarr

If by any chance you have not subscribed yet and want to, you can use my Referral link. Or the link of a friend of yours. Both will receive some nice InGame rewards.

Here’s the Wiki info we have so far on Nico Okarr:
In 3681 BBY, Nico Okarr was being led to a holding cell by Zabrak Jedi MasterKao Cen Darach, hisPadawan, and twoRepublic troopers on aspace station overKorriban for smuggling Sith artifacts when the Sith Empire attacked the planet. When the Jedi Master decided that theGalactic Republic needed to be warned of the Sith’s return, Okarr offered to help them escape the attack on his XS stock light freighter Redshifter, and used his two customblaster pistols to help the Jedi fight off the Sith.
After defeating the Sith troopers guarding the hangar, two Sith Lords named Vindican and Malgus appeared. While the Jedi confronted the Sith, Okarr and the remaining Republic trooper prepared the ship for departure.
While Master Darach stayed behind to duel the Sith, his Padawan, Satele Shan, boarded the ship as it was taking off under the orders of her Master. Okarr then told Shan and the trooper to mount the laser turrets to defend against the Sith interceptors. After precisely maneuvering through a Sith battlecruiser, Okarr activated the ship’s hyperdrive and jumped to hyperspace to make their escape.

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