Bioware sent SWTOR 1050 Cartel Coins gift mails

The Cartel Coins Gift and Chapter 1 Access are here. Finally!

Early this morning I received the email where Bioware, as promised, granted me the 1050 Cartel Coins Gift as a reward for being “subscribed” to their mailing list. I was already for years, so nothing new for me… except for the reward.

Attached in the bottom of the mail is the personal code that can be used or gifted, right below it is another code that can be used to invite a friend. This player will have full unlimited access (according to Bioware) to Fallen Empire Chapter 1.

Here’s the mail. Yes, the codes are visible. One lucky person may claim them :)))

ss (2016-02-20 at 11.24.29)

The following quote tells us that if by 21st you have not received your mail with the codes attached inside, you need to start panicking :). Check your Trash and Spam folders! Perhaps write a ticket to Bioware is the best solution.

► February subscriber reward email code | 02.20.2016, 01:38 AM

Hey folks,

I wanted to let you all know that you will get your codes! They will begin sending out in waves in the next hour or so, and could take a few hours to finish sending to everyone, but should be complete by end of day PST.


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