Bioweare talks SWTOR 500 CC April 11th promotion

Eric Musco explained what was the idea behind this, as Bioware called it, “targeted promotion” for SWTOR 500 Cartel Coins and why was it not advertised more seriously. Also, important to note, this promotion was not for “everyone who is subbed by 11th April”, so if you didn’t receive the reward, you just didn’t qualify for it. More details in the quote below.

► Have you received your 500 CC for the April 11th promotion? | 04.18.2016, 03:12 PM

Hey folks,

We have seen a few questions about a special bonus for subscribing that some players had seen in their launcher. Some of you may not realize this but our launcher has new functionality which allows us to do very specific and very targeted campaigns. This particular promotion was a test of that functionality. We chose a sampling of active, non-subscribers, to give a special bonus offer for becoming a subscriber. Simply put, if you could see the offer in your launcher, then you were eligible and those coins will have been granted to you already. If you did not see it, then you weren’t eligible for this test offer. This promotion was not “everyone who is subbed by 4/11 qualified,” which is why it was not advertised outside of the targeted promo in the launcher.

Our goal is to see how well targeted offers go, so that we can look to roll out more offers to everyone in the future. I hope this clears up any confusion. Thanks!


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