Everything about SWTOR KOTFE Chapter 16: Shroud of Memory and Patch 4.7

SWTOR GUIDE - Everything about SWTOR Patch 4.7 and Chapter 16 (XVI)

All news, guides and walkthroughs from Patch 4.7 and Chapter 16 (XVI)

This collection of videos and articles is being updated and expanded during the whole month.

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• SWTOR Game Update 4.7 Patch Notes

HK-55 Bonus Mission Videos

SWTOR HK-55 Bonus Chapter: Shroud of Memory | Playthrough with Commentary      SWTOR Shroud of Memory REVIEW (HK-55 Bonus Chapter)

Bonds of Duty Alliance Mission

Bonds of Duty (Jedi Knight, Light Side) | SWTOR Alliance Mission Guide (Patch 4.7.1)      Bonds of Duty (Sith Warrior, Dark Side) | SWTOR Alliance Mission (Patch 4.7.1)

Story Walkthroughs

The 3 videos below will show you the Jedi Knight Light Side, Sith Warrior Dark Side and Republic Trooper Neutral Decisions versions, in the this particular order. The videos are Live Stream Archives from my live shows on 9th August 2016 when the chapter was released.

SWTOR Knights of the Fallen Empire Chapter 16 Battle of Odessen Jedi Knight Light Side      SWTOR Knights of the Fallen Empire Chapter 16 Battle of Odessen Sith Warrior Dark Side      SWTOR Knights of the Fallen Empire Chapter 16 Battle of Odessen Republic Trooper Neutral      New Playthrough Thumbnail - 16 All Cinematics JK LS      New Playthrough Thumbnail - 16 All Cinematics SW DS

Story Highlights

This section contains short clips form SWTOR KOTFE Chapter 16 with interesting moments of the story where the characters either say something of great importance or make a vital and personal decision.

Chapters Highlights - 16 - Opening cutscene with Koth, Aric and Kaliyo      Chapters Highlights - 16 - Koth thanks the Outlander      Chapters Highlights - 16 - Arcann helps Senya      Chapters Highlights - 16 - Allow Senya to escape      Chapters Highlights - 126 - Light Side Ending      Chapters Highlights - 16 - Koth Returns      Chapters Highlights - 16 - Defeating Arcann Dark Side Warrior      Chapters Highlights - 16 - Shoot Senya and Arcann Down      Chapters Highlights - 16 - Koth Betrays the Alliance and Steals the Gravestone      Chapters Highlights - 16 - Dark Side Ending Cutscene

Misc Videos

Various videos related to Patch 4.7 and Chapter 16. Guides, reviews, overviews and opinions.

NEWS and UPDATES - SWTOR Game Update 4.7 Patch notes Overview      SWTOR announced New Pack Opening Experience game feature for Patch 4.7      Chapter 16 Review Part 1 The Light Side      Chapter 16 Review Part 2 The Dark Side      SWTOR Opening of 26x BATTLER Cartel Packs Hypercrate (Patch 4.7, New Packs Opening UI)      Shining in the Darkness | SWTOR Alliance Mission Guide (Patch 4.7)

Written Guides

SWTOR GUIDE - SWTOR Introduces the New Pack Opening Experience UI SWTOR GUIDE - SWTOR Shining in the Darkness (Guss Tuno Alliance Missoin Recruitment Guide)

Related News and Updates

Articles talking about Chapter 16 and all other things related to Patch 4.7 – in chronological order.

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