Feel like a Kylo Ren with this new Lightsaber from the SWTOR Anarchist Pack

The official SWTOR Twitter account just announced a new Lightsaber hilt with a brand new (for the game) animation. The Star Wars Episode VII craziness is everywhere and the Bioware Dev team wouldn’t miss the opportunity to dip their hands in the honey. The linked below picture seems to be enough to make me want to spend some Cartel Coins to purchase those for myself. Finally! (Most of you know that I almost never use the Cartel Market for personal obligations). Unless this is a part of a pack with a random drop chance, I expect it would be in the range of 500-1000 Cartel Coins as a stand alone purchase once Patch 4.1 lands or a few hours later, as it usually happens. Judging by the tweet, sadly, it seems the hilt will be a chance drop from a pack. Which means Vulkk will wait a few days/weeks for GTN to spawn tons of those and snatch one quietly at a decent price. :)

BTW, the pack’s name, as seen below, will be “Anarchist Pack’s Unstable Arbiter’s Lightsaber”

What about you? Do you want a pair of those?

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