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Full Recording

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My Notes

Charles Boyd and Alex Freed are the hosts tonight. Charles resembles quite a bit the male version of the mail character from Dragon Age II (a Bioware RPG game). It’s indeed Alex who wrote Chapter X Story for Bioware.

Quick Fallen Empire Recap and Returning Companions

The stream contains minor spoilers from the early chapters of Fallen Empire, nothing major to ruin your fun if you haven’t played the newest expansion yet.


The hosts spend a few minutes discussing the importance of deep relations between characters, the meaning of Family in the Star Wars universe and how this topic is implemented into Fallen Empire, specifically hinting at everybody’s favorite character Vaylin, Arcann’s sister. She is, without a daoubt, the most favorite character to most of the community, but, as it turns out, to the developer team as well.


She is a very unique character, one of the many that makes a return into the game after the events in the beginning of Fallen Empire. She’s capable of doing brutal things, she’s not just a robot, but something much more. Capable of interacting with lesser beings, bringing herself down to the level of the lower characters. She’s always overconfident and over-secured about herself and her capabilities.

Chapter X: Anarchy in Paradise

Reminder – if you are subscribed on 1st February, you will get 2 days of early access to Chapter X, launching on 9th February.

Firebrand (Kaliyo)

Featuring a character known as Firebrand. Alex gives his notes on Kaliyo and how he created her. She’s a manipulator, user of people. An incredible anarchist and totally independent. She’s “benchful” and more dangerous than ever before. Players who have completed the Imperial Agent storyline will be able to see an interesting difference and evolution in Kaliyo’s character in Fallen Empire.

Bioware is very aware that this character will be a totally new one to many players, who have never done the IA story or just started right at 4.0 and Fallen Empire.


Q: Will we see more of the Empire and Republic in the future chapters?
A: Yes. Right now the players’ alliance is still in the process of building, the new allies are not ready yet to fully commit, but soon in an upcoming chapter, they have some great things to reveal.

Q: Will Theron Shan appear more often?
A: Yes, he is an important character. He’s a busy man, can’t be there for each event, after all.

Q: Will we see more of the Mandalorians?
A: Yes, they wont say anything more on that. The “YES” sounded very exciting coming from Charles.

Q: Will there be any conflict without any previous relationships?
A: Yes, they hinted at something involving Kaliyo and her relationship with the player’s character.

Q: Will my previous romances be affected by this?
A: Yes. It’s a big alliance, but people are still gonna know (direct quote :P)

Q: Will Chapter X be using “Classic Conversations” Style?
A: No. New Alliance story content will not be in Chapter X, it will involve only normal cutscenes.

Q: When will all our old companions be back?
A: They wont say. All the old companions are important to the story and Bioware wants to make sure they are tied really nice to the story that reintroduces them at some point. They wont just throw a character back in for the sake of just having it back.

Q: Getting into Fallen Empire – as a general question – how, who can do it, when?
A: Meh, you are reading Vulkk’s notes on Vulkk’s website. You know how to do that. I have done tons of videos and tutorials on the subject and covering this topic. I wont even bother quoting Charles here.

Q: Scorpio romance?
A: Alex gave a totally evasive answer that gave away no clues whatsoever.

Bioware’s first ever Story Stream ended around 22:40 and lasted for a total duration of ~40 min, a little longer than originally planned. There was no gameplay tonight, just conversation between the 2 hosts.

At the end of the event, Twitch showed ~1260 concurrent viewers who witnessed it live.

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