SWTOR 4.0 Commendations Changes in Fallen Empire

SWTOR Dev Post
Eric Musco published a Dev Post to inform us of the upcoming Commendations Changes for SWTOR 4.0

Warning, nothing new, just renames. Don’t be alarmed, we will not lose anything :)

Commendation Changes in 4.0 | 09.22.2015, 01:35 PM

Hey folks,

I wanted to let you know about what changes are coming to Commendations in Fallen Empire, this way you can plan accordingly. Simply put, only the names of some existing Commendations are changing. There are no conversion rates or anything this time around.

  • Basic Commendations will now be called Common Data Crystals
  • Elite Commendations will now be called Glowing Data Crystals
  • Ultimate Commendations will now be called Radiant Data Crystals
  • All other Commendation names remain the same.

Again, there are no conversion rates pre/post Fallen Empire. Thanks!


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