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The video is finished and published. Watch it HERE

This is a portion of my script for the Top 5 Reasons to Play KotFE by Vulkk. Adapted for a Blog-post :)

Greetings from Bulgaria. I’m Vulkk and I welcome you to the first video I made in this yle.
In the following 10 minutes you will hear my top 5 reasons why I believe everyone should play KotFE, the new digital expansion for SWTOR. I would like to invite you all to share your opinions and top 5’s in the comments, because thre are far from only 5 options to pick from. If you enjoy this video, spam the LIKE button until it breaks. If you dislike my opinion, share with me why you think I was wrong or what in my explanation was bad. The picks are my personal and are selected from an active player’s PoV. Someof them are attractive to returning players or fresh new beginners, but the main aim of this video is to provoke your minds to think why should I STAY in the game for 4.0. Some of the elaborations and theories and defences for my choices will seem weird to you, but that’s the good part. Everyone can pick their top 5 and here are mine. Don’t forget that I eagerly await to see your top 5’s on this subject. Also, if you trully enjoy this type of videos, I am willing to continue.

5. New level cap
This Winter we will have a chance to advance our characters from lvl 60 to 65. Even though this is not much, I was hoping for at least 10 new levels with serious changes to the class abilities, I am excited. The game will take us to new places and allow us to explore more of the big endless world that is Star Wars. 5 more levels means we will have alterations to our abilities, a new utility point and most likely another shuffle within the DR system. Every time the level cap changes, the end-game gear becomes either obsolete or barely an entry level for the new end-game content. This levels the field for both experienced players and the new incoming ones. And we all know what a wave of hew players the game is about to face this Fall. Not only because of the unseeb before hype for new Star Wars movies, but also because this is still the only long standing MMO SW game and even if some dislike how it is handled by EA (not Bioware, It’s not their fault, remember!).

4. New outfits and clothing designs
This is going to be a weird topic. I have to admit I am not much into outfit changing. Some of you probably know that my main character has been wearing the Monk Outfit for over 2 years now. With the obvious lack of serious new EndGame production at launch worthy for the launch of an expansion, such as KotFE and Patch 4.0, the casual and more solo oriented aspects will rule the game. To back this therory I have to also bring up the topic of the Cartel Market. The tactics from Bioware releasing new packs every mnonth and sometimes even twice a month presents the community with near endless oportunities to dress up like our favorite characters and heroes from comics, movies, books. Just recently, we witnessed the invasion of hundreds and thousands of Ahsoka Tano’s into our game! I know this is incredibly important to a huge part of the community and the fact that I don’t care much about all new outfits, is not a reason I should not admit it as a huge factor to keep playing, spending money and time looking for the best dress, gloves or hat. The fact that Tor-Fashio is so popular in the community and the website keeps growing, shows that outfits have a huge part in the game’s future. Now we finally have the right tool to create them – The Outfit Designer. It can only get better from here on, because the tool released in patch 3.0 is just the beginning. Come on, Bioware, Bring the Companion Outfits section!

3. Resurrected old content
For me and the other older experienced players it may not seem like a good idea to force us again through all the content we once cleared. One thing is important to mention, most of us loved that content on its proper level. Now, years later, who’s to say we will instantly get bored with it. My personal prediction is that the old-new ops will be tweaked accordingly for half-decent challenge and at the same time easy enough to keep the new casual players that are expected to flood the game this winter. We can’t denie the pleasure we will have of killing Kephess again, and again. And again! For new and better look. Again! I welcome the scaling content idea. I, however, like most of the veterans, do not enjoy the fact that my favorite game will go another year with no new operation. Well, it could be a lot shorter, but, knowing Bioware’s update cycles for almost 4 years now, nobody would expect a new Ops in the middle of the Summer. Right? Another positive side is that some of the Flashpoints we have never done after we finished leveing, will be playable again. Depending on the gear requirements and challenges, presented by the boss encounters inside, we may find the newly released HM FPs a great challenge. It has been a dream of mine to see another one like Lost Island. Don’t get confused, I speak of the Original Tier 2 Lost Island FP, where beating each one of the bosses was considering a great achievement by many. Back in the days we used to call this instance a mini ops. It trully deserved its name! Unfortunately, we never saw another Tier 2 Flashpoint with the same quality of mechanics and boss encounter designs. The future seems bright. I don’t know if it’s because I look at it wearing my Star Wars nerd glasses… You tell me!

The rest… watch the video to find out. I promise, many of you will be surprised by the winning pick!

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