Vulkk SWTOR UI 5.0 with Installation Instructions and Keybinding Guide

Vulkk SWTOR 5.0 UI for DPS and HEALING

One UI to rule them all… well… 2, actually

My UI has been downloaded over 4 000 times. I am glad so many players like and want to use it. Due to a popular demand with the release of Patch 5.0 and the introduction to several new systems and features such as Command Rank Leveling and Dark vs Light, both part of the new Galactic Command system, I have updated my User Interface designs and changed/moved a few things around.

DPS UI version 5.0

Smaller Ops Group Frames and placed in the corner of the screen to allow for more visible space. The XP bar is visible at the top center of the screen for leveling Characters, Legacy and Command XP.



Healing UI version 5.0

Bigger more centralized Ops Group Frames for better visuals on the team’s status and to speed up Healing. The XP Bar is hidden. If you want to monitor your Command XP, Legacy or normal Leveling progress, turn it on.



Video Tutorials

Here are a couple of videos to help you learn how to install a custom SWTOR UI as well as how to arrange your keybinds.

SWTOR Basics – Complete KEYBINDING Guide and UI Tips      

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