SWTOR Game Update 5.7 Legacy of the Creators ANNOUNCED

Patch 5.7 is coming on 23rd of January with a new boss, returning companions and more!

The first official information about Star Wars The Old Republic Game Update 5.7 “Legacy of the Creators” was just released by Bioware. The update is expected on 23rd January 2018 and will contain the 4th Boss of the Iokath Operation, returning companions and more.

Coming with 5.7

It seems Patch 5.7 will not give us the continuation (or conclusion?) of Theron’s story arc. That shouldn’t come as a surprise as the previous parts of the story were not released in consecutive updates so far. However, the first content update for 2018 will bring Scyva, the fourth boss in the Gods from the Machine Operation on Iokath. It will be, as expected, available in Story and Veteran Mode with Master Mode release still hanging in the air with an uncertainty as to when and if.

New class-specific missions will be available, allowing you to recruit Risha & Corso as well as Andronikos. You can check the Companion Status list to find out what we know about these 3 before the release of the new patch. Only the Class that those Companions are originally from will be able to get them. So in this case Risha & Corso – Smuggler only, Andronikos – Inquisitor only. It will be an Alliance Alert. The missions will be a cinematic and not a “KOTOR-style” conversation like the other alerts. Right now it is not planned that you can access these Companions via the terminal on other Classes.

A new Cartel Pack will also be released to the InGame Cartel Store as well as various bug fixes.

Hints from the next Roadmap

Additional information about the future updates and plans for 2018, we will find in the upcoming Roadmap. We can expect more returning companions, the 5th boss that will finally finish the Iokath operation and a new Flashpoint (probably related to the Theron story arc). Game director Keith Kanneg is currently working on the Roadmap and we should expect it in a few weeks, according to Eric Musco’s post on the official forums from yesterday (link in the Sources section below).

Reminder: As usual, on patch day I plan to have my live stream, showing and telling you all you need to know about the new patch and all of its features.

Source Official Game Forums

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