Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Apeiron (KOTOR Reboot)

A KOTOR Reboot with Unreal 4 Engine? Wohoo!

This is a major project that will likely be under development for quite some time into the future. However, the progress made already is significant and we have a whole bunch of screenshots available as well as a couple of demo videos.


I learned about Apeiron from a friend about a month ago and considering this is to be a MOD to the original KOTOR game, I was a little sceptical it would ever be finished. Considering the amount of projects like this one that never see the real world as a finished product, we can only wish these guys good luck and show them all of our support! The game is a legend now and those of us who have played it some 12-13 years ago, would be happy to revisit it with a new perspective and a modern touch. For you, who haven’t had the chance to play KOTOR ever before, this is your chance.

The official website of the KOTOR Reboot project is and down below I have listed a few interesting notes in the form of Q&A, taken directly from the project’s website.

What is Apeiron

Apeiron is a reboot of the Knights of the old Republic that was released in 2003. Apeiron is a remake and remastering of the original game with added content, new worlds, missions, HUD, inventory, items, and companions.

Who’s making it

A group of dedicated programmers, artists, voice actors, world builders, and writers that have all come together to breathe life back into a wonderful game. The core creators are an indie gaming group called Poem Studios, but the project will grow as needed.

How many credits

Apeiron will be 100% FREE! You’ll still have to own a copy of the original game, but past that we are not charging.


If you wish to see more and stay up to date with the development process, you should also follow this Twitter account.

Video Demo

When possible, you can watch the development of the game LIVE on Twitch HERE.

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