What is wrong with SWTOR Fallen Empire?

What bothers me the most in Fallen Empire

Among many great and bad things surrounding SWTOR’s latest expansion, there is but one that stands out! I will keep this short and tell you my number one reason. It’s the gameplay. Not the lag that is often present even in solo areas and instances. Not the totally out of place “KOTOR style” of dialogues for the Alliance missions (which isn’t even KOTOR style, really). Not even the HK rewards that we all love so much!

Ha! Surprised? I doubt it. But, just in case, for those who might not have understood what exactly I mean by “gameplay”. Keep reading!

The video adaptation

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/5bAEMpOykP8?list=PL4Ov43efFNUb5SeqX8bmPDLIl-UU1_Quy”]

What was it like?

SWTOR Opinion: 4 Years of Struggle and Love (My Retrospect)I am one of the few remaining veteran players in SWTOR. I am also proud of that fact. For some reason… To add even more to this – I am one of the very few who never took a break . This allowed me to experience absolutely everything the game had and has to offer in time and without delays. Why am I telling you this (again)? Because I remember the challenges inside the story missions back in 2011. It was near impossible to beat the final boss fight in the end of Chapter 3 without at least half-decent gear and preparations. I wiped for 2 days on the last boss in the Jedi Knight Story around Christmas 2011. Why? Because there was strategy. There was tactics. And there wasn’t an overpowered tool or item to loot and one-shot him… or… her (I know, silly joke. I’m just trying to cover up the obvious story spoiler here :P)

What is the situation today?

SWTOR Highlight 15 - gemini captainIn today’s latest chapter-based story-driven expansion Knights of the Fallen Empire, the players have one unique story with quite a few difficult to make and interesting choices. The journey is not as long as it seems to us, but because each month we are given only 1 new chapter, things seem to take a lot longer than if we played all of them together (like what the Community manager Eric Musco did not long ago).

Today we are being dragged through the story as if we are totally incapable of playing the game on our own. We have our hands held and our characters are constantly supported by at least one companion and/or a number of mechanics, tools and items to boost our stats or plainly make us immortal. D’OH!

What it should be?

The Final Battle – Dragon Age Inquisition #42This, as usual, is strictly personal and I don’t wish to impose my opinion onto anyone. Though, I do communicate with all of my followers and subscribers each day. I know my opinion is widely popular and shared among our #SWTORFamily community.

One not too complicated (I believe) solution would be to present us with different difficulty modes. There would be an option for us to choose from 2 or 3 difficulty modes at the beginning of each chapter.

Another solution would be for Bioware to return to what they did well in pretty much all of their old and classic now games. Balance the difficulty. Present us with a tough opponents and interesting puzzles that would take more than 6 seconds of solving and 15 minutes of whining about how ridiculously easy it was.

Third option is also available. It would be the easiest to implement, but, unfortunately, it would also be the one to have the least impact on the gameplay. Just allow us to not pick up certain items that boost our stats or to drop them at our will whenever and wherever we wish. Do not force us to wear/use them.

It’s obvious that such a change will likely not happen, but it’s always good for us to voice our opinions. And… who knows… KOTFE Season 2 is still to come. Maybe a change is possible.

What do you think? Do you share my opinion? Which of the 3 options I presented do you believe to be closest to what you imagine as a possible change? Or, perhaps, you have your own suggestion to share? :)

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