SWTOR EndGame Gearing GUIDE for PvE and PvP (Updated for Patch 5.5)

This guide is accurate for SWTOR Patch 5.5

The article is split into 4 pages to prevent endless scrolling and for better separation and navigation.

  • PAGE 1 is about general changes and overview of the new system
  • PAGE 2 contains all the lists for PvE gear loot drops in Operations
  • PAGE 3 explains PvP Gearing and the additional rules that apply to the PvP Gear Vendors.
  • PAGE 4 shares my personal opinion about the changes in the form of a short blog post.

Below the text you will also find the video I recorded to help explain and detail furthermore these changes. It’s a lot of information and I hope this guide will help get you up to speed.The original guide was written for Patch 5.1. I’ve added additional paragraphs and updates for the following patches, when changes have been implemented to the gearing process.

Why is Bioware making these changes

In an attempt to lessen the RNG grind, Bioware made a significant change to the gearing system in SWTOR Patch 5.1 and later kept expanding it through Patch 5.2. The set pieces will be available as a stand-alone loot from Operations now, several new currencies are introduced to the game to help minimize the players’ frustration of the Galactic Command’s RNG rules.

Since the launch of Knights of the Eternal Throne, we have received a lot of great feedback about the gearing changes we made through Galactic Command. In this post, I want to highlight the changes we are making next week. However, we know this will not address all of your concerns, so let’s also talk about additional changes we plan to make.

Our primary goal for Game Update 5.1: Defend the Throne was to allow players to work towards specific pieces of gear through PvP and Operations. Additionally, we wanted to provide a means to help players gear their other Characters

NOTE: The Galactic Command Crates will remain in place and will continue to drop the same old RNG based items as they did prior to Patch 5.1. Everything you will read below and on the next pages are ADDITIONS to the currently existing heavily RNG dependent system.

New currencies

With the launch of Patch 5.1 there are several new currencies introduced to the game to facilitate the new gearing methods.

Command Tokens

This currency comes from Command Crates. Each Crate will drop Command Tokens based on the Tier of the Crate (Tier 1 – 5 tokens, Tier 2 – 8 tokens, Tier 3 – 12 tokens). These tokens are a Legacy-wide currency and will be retroactively granted (based on your Command Rank) when 5.1 launches.

Unassembled Components

This currency is a reward for playing Warzones and Galactic Starfighter and can be used to purchase Unassembled Gear Pieces. More about PvP gearing on Page 3! As of Game Update 5.5 Master Mode Operations also drop Unassembled Components – 100 for the final boss in each Ops, 35 for the rest. These are values for 8 man. I have yet to confirm the values for 16 man. The currency drops for each player to loot and it is not up for rolling.

Unassembled Gear Piece

These drop from Operation bosses or are purchased with Unassembled Components and can be turned in along with Command Tokens for specific pieces of gear. The last boss of each Operation has a 100% chance to drop Unassembled Gear Pieces (2 pieces for 8-man, 4 pieces for 16-man). Each other boss in an Operation has an increasing chance to drop them (the second boss having a higher chance than the first boss, and so on).

New Gear Vendors

With these new currencies, players will be able to go to new vendors and purchase specific items. Here are some of the vendor details:

Unassembled Component Vendor

On this vendor you can turn in Unassembled Components to purchase a specific Unassembled Gear Piece. You can only purchase Tier 2 Unassembled Pieces in this way. However, you can turn in Tier 2 pieces along with Unassembled Components to upgrade them to Tier 3/4 respectively. Check the PvP section of the guide for a detailed breakdown of gear tokens costs.

Unassembled Gear Piece Vendor

With this vendor you can turn in one Unassembled Gear Piece for a specific slot (ex: Unassembled Helm Tier 1) along with Command Tokens for that respective piece of gear. In 5.2 the vendors are still in the same place on the Fleet and a new Tier 4 vendor has been added to each of the 2 sections (for PvP and PvE)

[arve url=”https://youtu.be/aoLIkO4ZBmQ”/]

 Gearing Up Methods

Unassembled Gear Pieces drop from Operations bosses or can purchased from the new PvP vendor for Unassembled Components (look at the PvP section of the guide for more info on costs per Unassembled Gear Piece per Tier). Once you have the piece, you will need to bring it to a new vendor on the fleet where you can purchase that specific piece of gear. As an example, if you have a Tier 2 Unassembled Head Piece you will be able to come to the vendor and purchase any Tier 2 head piece of your choice. Each Unassembled Piece also has a Command Token cost to purchase them, let’s break those down. The costs will be listed by slot and then the Command Token cost by Tier (Tier 1 / Tier 2 / Tier 3 / Tier 4). Here they are:

  • Chest – 10/15/24/29
  • Legs -10/15/24/29
  • Head -10/15/24/29
  • Hands -10/15/24/29
  • Feet -10/15/24/29
  • Waist – 7/10/15/18
  • Wrist – 7/10/15/18
  • Implant – 8/12/18/22
  • Earpiece – 8/12/18/22
  • Relic – 8/12/18/22
  • Mainhand – 12/18/28/34
  • Off-hand – 12/18/28/34

swtor gearing up guide - unassembled gear pieces tier 4 costs example

New Command XP Boosts

There are new Command XP Boosts available for purchase InGame now. These boosts have been modified several times and at the moment there are 2 versions available. They both can be used in any Galactic Command Tier. Here are their costs:

  • Blue Command Boost – lasts for 2h, buff  to CXP gain is 25%, costs 44 Tokens + 10k Credits
  • Purple Command Boost – lasts for 2h, buff  to CXP gain is 100%, costs 190 Tokens + 50k Credits

More info on the difference between Tiers 1, 2 and 3 you will find in my Galactic Command Overview | SWTOR 5.0 Guide.

Patch 5.2 Changes

Tier 1-3

Starting with Game Update 5.2, drop rates of better quality items (Legendary and Artifact) will get higher as you gain Command Ranks in a given Tier, while lower quality items’ (Premium and Prototype) drop rates will go down. What this means is you are encouraged to continue increasing your Command Rank as your drop rates of more desired items get higher as your Rank increases.

Let’s look at a Tier 2 and 3 example. This is how it was in 5.1:

  • Premium (green): High drop rate
  • Prototype (blue): Medium drop rate
  • Artifact (purple): Low drop rate
  • Legendary (yellow): Very low drop rate

After 5.2, gear was released get much better as you progress through the Tier. Let’s say you were getting close to the top of your Tier, this is what your drop rates now looks like:

  • Premium: No longer drop
  • Prototype: Medium-low drop rate
  • Artifact: Medium-high drop rate
  • Legendary: Medium drop rate
Tier 4 Gear added with Patch 5.2

Why Bioware almost added 100 more Command Ranks?
The 100 new levels were simply a logical next step for adding Tier 4 gear (248 for the Legendary version), they said. However, since it’s already possible to rank up at Command Level 300 indefinitely Bioware decided to take players’ feedback and keep the current cap. So, as of 5.2, Command Crates dropped at Level 300 contain Tier 4 gear (Tier 3 will stop being provided at Rank 299).

Why a new Tier of gear?
The developers have two main goals in mind for the addition of Tier 4: The first is to act as a benefit for players who put in the time and effort to level up to Command Rank 300. The second goal is giving the most skilled PvE players in SWTOR a worthwhile reward for their coordination and gameplay mastery while also introducing gear drops needed for taking on Tyth in Veteran Mode and other Master Mode Operation bosses. PvP players will also be able to purchase Tier 4 gear for Unassembled Components as they do for other Tiers today.

Tier 4’s biggest difference from previous Tiers is every gear drop from a Command Crate will be Prototype (Blue) Artifact (Purple), or Legendary (Gold); there are no Premium (green) items. Additionally, Prototype quality items in this Tier all have set bonuses. This means every piece of gear coming from a Command Crate in Tier 4 will have a set bonus (where applicable) and be of Prototype or better quality. It’s also important to note every piece of gear in Tier 4 is better than gear from previous tiers, including Tier 3 Legendaries. As Legendary Tier 4 items are best-in-slot, they will remain fairly rare from Command Crates.

Tier 4 is primarily for the most hardcore players who have maxed out their Command Rank and are working on getting best-in-slot gear for their character. Now, with Galactic Command, every player has an opportunity to get a complete set of the best gear offered in SWTOR.

Does this mean Tier 5 and/or more Command Ranks are coming in the future?
The idea of adding more Command Ranks and Tier 5 has been actively discussed as well. While there are plans for new items in the future, these may or may not come with additional Ranks or through a new Tier level. I’ll update the guide and/or post a new news article, but more than likely that’ll be much later in the year!

Patch 5.4 Changes

Picked up from here: SWTOR Patch 5.4 Unassembled Components Drop Rate Changes

The major goal for the team has been to reward Ranked PvP more than Unranked as well as lessen the punishment for missing a daily quest, also increase significantly the rewards for Ranked matches.

Let’s take a detailed look as to what is changing and how.

Unranked – Overall, Component rewards earned per week unchanged.

  • Daily Mission: Now rewards 10 Components, down from 12.
  • Weekly Mission: Now rewards 54 Components, up from 40.

Ranked – Large changes were made here to really amp up the value of Ranked Missions.

  • Solo Daily: Now rewards 15 Components, down from 16.
  • Solo Weekly: Now rewards 100 Components, up from 30.
  • Group Daily: Now rewards 30 Components, up from 20.
  • Group Weekly: Now rewards 200 Components, up from 60.

The Command XP values of almost all of these Missions have also been buffed. The same is true of the Ranked Season Tokens that you earn from the Ranked Missions.

Patch 5.5 Changes

As of Game Update 5.5 Master Mode Operations also drop Unassembled Components – 100 for the final boss in each Ops, 35 for the rest. These are values for 8 man. I have yet to confirm the values for 16 man. The currency drops for each player to loot and it is not up for rolling.


Video overview of the changes Bioware brings to SWTOR with Game Update 5.2

[arve url=”https://youtu.be/_plSx6qQL5o?list=PL4Ov43efFNUZ37Bo5gjvT8WIaabm9JV6n” title=”SWTOR 5.2 New Operations Loot Table, Changes to GC Tier 1-3, GC Tier 4 added and MORE ” description=”Preview of all changes Bioware is making to SWTOR with Patch 5.2 coming this April. We have a brand new Tier 4 Gear, Better changes for gear pieces to drop from Galactic Command Tiers 1 to 3 and FIXED Operations Loot Drops.”/]

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