Everything about SWTOR Patch 5.5

Everything you need to know about SWTOR Patch 5.5 Before and after Release

Star Wars The Old Republic Game Update 5.5 (name still unknown) releases on 10th October 2017. In this article you will find absolutely every single piece of news about the update as well as informative guides, tutorials, overviews and updates on all new things.

Previously, I was splitting these types of articles in 2 – before release and after release. With this one I am changing the structure a bit. Check the Table of Contents below for more info on what you can find where.


Official Patch Notes from Bioware for each update within the 5.5.x cycle Ordered by date with newer ones being added at the bottom.


Official news and updates from Bioware about the update. Ordered by date with newer ones being added at the bottom.


Here you will find details about all class changes.


The collection includes previews and updates before the release of the update and guides, tutorials, overviews and gameplay after the official release. The videos are ordered by date of publish with newer ones always being added at the TOP.

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