SWTOR Yavin 4 Warzone Guide

What you need to know before you jump into the new PvP map

With SWTOR Game Update 5.6.1 Bioware released a New Warzone. It’s located on Yavin 4 and is an almost identical copy to the Alderaan Civil War in both layout and objectives. There are a few key differences, though. This quick guide will give you all the details you need to know to feel comfortable you are jumping well prepared into the Jungle of Yavin 4.

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Much like Alderaan, the Yavin 4 map has a middle section with a turret/node and 2 turrets/nodes on each side. The layout may be the same, but the decorations and level of detail are outstanding. Unfortunately, the textures are once again low quality, but who has the time to look at them from up close while PvPing :)

Both sides are differently decorated by the designers from Bioware and you can use the following terms to diversify them: One side has a lot of Trees (Jungle), while the other is filled with stone Statues (Statues).

In the middle we have the usual circle with a terminal in the center of it. The turret itself is placed above the players’ heads. Surrounding the middle area there is an upper floor around the perimeter – exactly like on Alderaan, but, well… with a different style. On the outer sides of the middle there are stairs allowing players to easily move through the middle without having to go under or around the walls.

Now that I mentioned under – again, exactly like on Alderaan, there is a tunnel right under the middle area. It connects the left and right sides, allowing the players to quickly move from the left turret to the right one for support or any other tactical advantages and maneuvers.

It’s right here in this underground section where you will find the most unusual to this map object. Except for the old and well-known Speeder Boosts, in the corner you will also find a new item available for pick-up – It will allow you to capture a turret for 4s (channel) instead of the normal 8s. However, this will place a huge yellow mark above your character for everybody to see. It also prevent you from going into stealth (if your class is capable of doing that). This item is called “Fast Capture” and it gives you a buff that lasts for 1m15s


SWTOR Yavin 4 Warzone Stats MeterUnless you are very new to Star Wars The Old Republic, you are familiar with Alderaan Civil War. The New Warzone has the exact same objectives – take as many of the 3 available turrets as possible and keep them on your side while they fire at the enemy’s ship. Once you load into the warzone, you will be placed in your faction’s ship. To get to the battleground, you need to take the speeder – exactly like in Alderaan (how many times have I said that so far? :P).

SWTOR Yavin 4 Warzone Guide - Objectives

On the ground, each turret you own will damage the enemy ship for 2 points every turn. If you control 2 turrets, your team will deal 4 damage each turn. The ticks happen every ~5 seconds or so. The first team to bring their opponent’s ship to 0 HP wins the match. Each team starts with a pool of 600 HP.

If you get killed, you will spawn back on your ship and have to take the speeder again.


Here are a few general tips to help you until you get used to the few new and different mechanics in this Warzone:

  • The Terminals on the turrets are on one side, meaning you can only capture it staying on one position. This is very important for the side turrets as the terminals are facing the middle, which means you cannot use LoS to “steal” them.
  • In 5.6.1 I have noticed a visual bug that doesn’t show the correct colour of the turrets in the stats display. It doesn’t affect performance of damage done, you just have to remember or keep an eye on which turret belongs to which team.
  • The 4s channel capture thanks to the Fast Capture Buff can make guarding a turret very tricky. It may be a good idea to always have 2 guards, if possible. The Fast Capture items re-spawn rate is quite short, meaning they can be used very often… or even frequently.
  • Unlike on Alderaan, here you have staircases leading in and out of the middle circle on the ground. Use them as needed.
  • Focus your damage on the player marked with the giant Yellow sign as they can sneak in unnoticed and steal your turret in the middle of the battle.
  • If you are new to PvP in SWTOR, I recommend you take a look at my SWTOR EndGame Gearing GUIDE for PvP

I would love to add your own suggestions and tips to this list here! If you want to share your best strategies and winning scenarios, leave a comment on this guide :)

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