SWTOR 4.0 Scum and Villainy Hard Mode Collection

A Collection of videos from SWTOR Scum and Villainy Operation (lvl 65 only)

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This article combines all of my videos showing Scum and Villainy. Most of them are boss kills, some may be full runs of SM, HM, NiM. A few are voiced over video guides of the more challenging boss fights with their mechanics explained as best I could.

The operation was scaled up to level 65, but most of the mechanics, enrage timers and requirements are still pretty much the same. If you have done all these bosses some ~2 years ago, consider this a reminder and/or an entertaining piece of video material.

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Enjoy :)

Boss Fights

SWTOR 4.0 Ops: DASH’ROODE 8HM – Scum & Villainy (Combat Sentinel PoV)         SWTOR 4.0 Ops: TITAN 6 8HM – Scum & Villainy (Combat Sentinel PoV)         SWTOR 4.0 Ops: THRASHER 8HM – Scum & Villainy SWTOR 4.0 Ops: OPERATIONS CHIEF 8HM – Scum & Villainy (Combat Sentinel PoV)         SWTOR 4.0 Ops: OLOK THE SHADOW 8HM – Scum & Villainy (Combat Sentinel PoV)         SWTOR 4.0 Ops: CARTEL WARLORDS 8HM – Scum & Villainy (Watchman Sentinel PoV)SWTOR 4.0 Boss Guide: DREAD MASTER STYRAK Hard Mode                 _Vulkk.com Post Banner Template - SWTOR 4.0 Ops Buide - STYRAK HM

I usually play Combat/Carnage or Watchman/Annihilation Sentinel and Marauder. Check out my latest guides for both disciplines:

_Vulkk.com Post Banner Template - SWTOR Jedi Sentinel Combat Guide (Patch 4.0)   _Vulkk.com Post Banner Template - SWTOR Class Guide Jedi Sentinel Watchman 4.0 Discipline

If you want to dive into good old memories, check out my older videos from level 50, 55 and 60.

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