SWTOR Tyth God of Rage Guide | Gods from the Machine Operation

Tyth The God of Rage SWTOR Gods from the Machine Ops Boss Guide

This guide will help you better understand the mechanics of Tyth The God of Rage – first boss encounter in a brand new SWTOR Operation called “The Gods From The Machine”.



The encounter begins with only Tyth sitting in the middle of the circular area. It would be a good idea to tank him near the edge of the platform and facing out/away from the group. During the fight there will ads spawning in waves of 3 or 4 (will confirm later). Below I will describe the different types of adds that may spawn. What and how m any of each type per spawn wave you will have, is always random.

Tyth The God of Rage SWTOR Boss GuideThe boss has a unique buff that reads:

Tyth’s rage builds every time an ally falls in battle. Tyth builds a great deal of rage if one of his own attacks kills an ally. Tyth’s rage will begin to subside on its own if he has not gained rage recently. Tyth’s rage is also diminished by certain support abilities from his allies. Every stack of rage increases Tyth’s damage. Tyth’s AoE attacks begin to impact a wider area at 3 stacks, and again at 6 stacks. At 10 stacks Tyth’s rage will begin to overflow uncontrollably.

This means that a fine balance must be found while fighting the boss. Allowing a team member to die may result in a wipe, even in story mode. It depends on the current stage of the fight and the number of stacks the boss has.

The way to lower Tyth’s rage is to allow a Grace droid (more on these below) to heal him or simply by kiting his adds and not killing them for a certain period of time. There is no right formula for how many adds to kill and when because of the randomness of adds spawn. Once the stacks reach numbers of 10 or higher, it’s very likely that the boss may start one-shooting players.

It’s unwise to allow Tyth’s rage counter to reach high numbers as the raid-wide unavoidable damage may one-shot players who are on low HP.

There is no need for a tank swap in Story Mode. It’s even possible to do the encounter with only 1 tank.

Tyth’s HP: 5.4 mill

Tyth’s Special Attacks
  • Frontal Cleave – Frontal attack, dealing damage in a cone area in front of  the boss. In Story Mode it’s preferred that the tank brings Tyth to the edge of the platform and put him in a position so he faces the edge. The cone is ~45 deg. in Story Mode.
  • Energy Wave – Frontal channeled attack (2.4s channel) that follows the tank. It’s easy to point it out and away from any group members.

During the encounter you will see 4 different types of adds spawning in waves of 4 waves at first and 5 per wave after half of Tyth’s HP is gone. Here is a brief description of each type and what they do or what you should do when you see them spawn. The adds spawn location is marked on the ground with a colored sign, so you will know where they are expected to appear each time a new wave is about to spawn. Waves spawn regardless if the previous one has been dealt with. In certain cases you may end up with a lot of adds in the arena. All adds can be stunned, channels can be interrupted.

  • Grace (Green Add, 87k HP) – Healing Tyth with a 4s channel ability called Aivela’s Restoration while at the same time lowering his Rage Stacks. The channel can be interrupted. The 4th time Grace does its ability, it takes off 3 stacks from Tyth’s rage and also puts a 50% damage reduction buff on the boss for a short duration.
  • Lance (Red Add, 87k HP) – Creates a projected frontal attack called Energy Lance that affects everything in a narrow rectangular area in front of him. If you place the red telegraph over a shielded Justice add, they lose their shield.
  • Justice (Blue Add, 87k HP) – Spawns a circle around them in a small area. Only players inside the circle can damage them, while also taking constant damage from the energy circle as well.
  • Guardian (Yellow Add, 87k HP) – Melee damage dealing add that often goes for the healers. Could be dealt with quickly or kited by a 2nd tank. Guardians attack when in 4m range, but once they reach the target, they will hit it regardless of how far the player runs away. Kiting is effective if the Guardians are always kept in range greater than 4m.


Tyth’s HP: 7 mill for 8 man and 14 mill for 16 man. Enrage is 9 min.

The Veteran Mode of this fight introduces one new mechanic called Inversion. The best spot to tank the boss is still near the edge of the platform. A working strategy is to kill the first 2 waves of spawning droid adds and interrupt the Grace 3 times. Let their 4th attempt of channel lower Tyth’s stacks and then kill them too.

  • Inversion – New mechanic! A blue circle appears around the boss and channels for 5.0s. At the end of the channel all players standing inside the circle are pushed outside across the middle point of the circle (!) and receive a damage boost + healing received bonus. The push radius is about half the distance of the arena. Players standing outside the circle get pulled towards the boss and the middle of the circle and receive a damage dealing debuff. This new channeled attack repeats every ~35-40s until the end of the encounter. It’s recommended that everyone get in the blue circle before the channel ends. The duration of the damage debuff is longer than the duration of the damage buff.
  • Frontal Cone – The attack is full frontal 180 deg. in Veteran Mode.
  • Energy Wave – the telegraph seems wider, although I am not 100% sure on that. If it is, it’s not by much.
  • Tank Swap – In Veteran Mode tanks swap right after each Inversion. During Inversion the off-tank needs to stay out and get pulled in for the tank-swap mechanic to work properly or Tyth may target another player. Healers must cleanse the debuff that tanks receive. Cleanse is to be done at 5 stacks or less. The off-tank can pick up Guardian droid adds and group them up for AoE damage and quick kill.
  • If Tyth kills a droid in Veteran Mode, the boss gets a double stack increase. When adds spawn under or very close to the boss, it is recommended to move Tyth to another clean area. Every 3 stacks of Rage increase Tyth’s AoE attacks, thus increasing the chance for him to kill an add and increase his rage stacks even more.
  • Below 30% HP Tyth enters a burn phase in which he builds 2 rage every 12 seconds. It is recommended that the group focus on the boss and try to finish him off, while the healers (they usually have highest aggro from the drones) kite the remaining adds.


Kid Lee and the Unholy Alliance Team’s 8 Man Story Mode VIdeo from PTS

Participants: Participants: @R2D2arm (Ajay) @Neffanel (Neff) @FtWorthJim (Mox) @JT_Holonet (JT) @BadFeelingPdcst (Brian) @KidLeeask (Kid Lee) @Deathr0wNZ (Ring) @unholyallainces (Jessie) @Grognard_GDG (Grog) @iamsechari (Sechari)


I couldn’t use any of my own footage, because of specific NDA restrictions and I was unable to join for the promotional recording Bioware granted the SWTOR Influencers and several other community members. Because of that I would like to express my gratitude to the Jessie and the Passionately Casual Podcast crew for helping me with this guide. The screenshots in this guide are from Kid Lee‘s video archive. Special thanks to RikuvonDrake for helping me add some extra details on the Veteran Mode of the fight.

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