Everything about SWTOR Patch 5.2 The War for Iokath

Everything about SWTOR Patch 5.2 The War for Iokath

This article combines everything about SWTOR Patch 5.2 “The War for Iokath”. I have split it to BEFORE LAUNCH and AFTER LAUNCH. The BEFORE section contains trailers, previews, promos and dev posts. The AFTER section contains official release information, gameplay, guides and walkthroughs.



As the Republic and Empire reignite their age-old rivalry in a deadly battle for control of the ultimate superweapon, you alone – as Outlander and commander of the galaxy’s most powerful fleet – can decide the outcome. Choose to align your forces with the Republic or Empire in a brand new storyline, explore the ancient and highly-advanced planet of Iokath, or team up with allies to defeat Tyth – a deadly droid superweapon – in the start of a new Operation!

Do you have what it takes to secure the superweapon before it unleashes destruction across the galaxy? The WAR FOR IOKATH is coming – prepare for battle!

Patch Notes

Vulkk’s Guides

Iokath Storyline

Iokath Daily Area

Returning Companions
 Misc News & Changes

The following 8 links lead to 8 short cinematic cutscenes showing the intros to all classic SWTOR Class Stories. Bioware changed them visually to be more in line with the KOTFE and KOTET style of animation, lightning and camera behavior.


Official Bioware News

Vulkk’s Videos

If you prefer your information (news and updates mostly) delivered with visual enhancements, check out the videos I have recorded prior to the release of Patch 5.2. I’ve also put them all combined into one YouTube Playlist for your convenience.

Official Trailers

Click on each title to open the drop-down content and watch the trailer.

[expand title=”The Alliance Commander’s Arrival”]


[expand title=”Of Allies and Envoys”]


[expand title=”The Republic Mobilizes”]


[expand title=”A Changing Battlefield”]


[expand title=”Gods from the Machine”]


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