SWTOR Iokath Daily Missions Guide

A Guide to lead you out of the Iokath's Daily Area mess of quests

The Iokath Daily Area was introduced with SWTOR Game Update 5.2. It includes 14 Daily Missions and a Weekly Mission. This is an in-depth guide to help you find and do them all.

For the purposes of this guide, despite what you might read written in Aurebesh on top of the entrances to the Republic and Imperial bases, we will accept the 4 standard directions according to the map – north is pointing up, south is pointing down on the map and minimap.

Thanks to Mox and JT from Corellian Run Radio for the help in making this guide!


To be able to go to the Alliance Base on Iokath, first you need to complete the War for Iokath story line. It begins from the terminal on your own ship and takes roughly an hour or so.

For more information about this story line: Everything about SWTOR Patch 5.2 The War for Iokath

Before you use the Console to assign your troops (located in the Alliance Base – right where you spawn), your character has access to their faction’s base by default. Republic Base is to the West, Empire’s camp is to the East. The Alliance Base is between them.


There are 14 Daily Missions in total available on Iokath. All of them are solo-able, except for Colossal Threat. The biggest difference between Iokath Dailies and all other Daily Areas is that here you cannot complete all Daily Missions in one day. They are given to you in chunks of 7 and randomly selected each day. Once you side with the Republic or the Empire, you cannot resign and join the other faction until the reset on the next day and you need to complete or abandon all missions you have picked up. Also, if you don’t complete a mission on the day you have picked it up, you may not be able to do so until the next time it becomes available on the terminal. Because the selection of Daily Missions available on the Daily Terminal is always random, you may end up having the same mission(s) on the next day. They still count towards your Weekly, though. Here you can learn more about the Switching Sides on Iokath.

Each faction has their own Reputation for you to grind, so even if you have only one character, you will eventually have to do the missions for the other side if you want that Reputation.

Below is an in-depth look and guide to each one of the Daily Missions.


The Weekly Mission’s objective is to complete 10 Daily Missions on Iokath. Weeklies resets on Tuesday.


This mission is the same for both factions, but is labeled “Republic” and “Empire”, because it’s instanced and the entrances are from the Republic or Empire bases – in the most northern areas of the Bases. Your objective is to mount a turret and kill enemies of your faction. The turret has 3 abilities – single target attack, an AoE attack and a button to return back to your character. The starting point is right in the Republic Iokath Base, a little to the north from the Daily Missions Terminal.


For this you have to head north from the common area between the 2 factions’ bases – take the Fleet Spire to the Alliance Base area. The mission is in an instance, which stats at he Docking Ring area. You have to disarm the laser 4 emitters. This mission can be completed at the same time together with Mend a Broken Shard and Subverting the Tower droids, if you have them active. There are 2 emitters located right in the first area of the instance. If you want to, you can switch instance (via your Stronghold) and re-enter again to click the same 2 emitters and save yourself the trip.


For this you have to head north from the common area between the 2 factions’ bases – take the Fleet Spire to the Alliance Base area. The mission is in an instance, which stats at he Docking Ring area. You have to disarm the laser 4 emitters. This mission can be completed at the same time together with Mend a Broken Shard and Disarm


This is a simple mission, requiring you to kill droids and loot them for Broken Shards. You need 50 of those. This mission can be completed anywhere in the Iokath Daily Area, including other instances. That is why it is easy to be combined with any other mission(s). Once you have collected the 50 Broken Shards, you can return back to the base to the repair station to complete the mission. The repair station is near the Daily Mission Terminal.


This mission starts from your Faction’s Base on Iokath. You need to find the Assault Walker Access Terminal and use it. To be able to spawn a Walker, you will need Credits and Power Shards, which drop from random NPCs on Iokath as well as mission rewards. At the time of writing this Guide the requirements for the Walker are 14,000 Credits and 200 Iokath Shards. Once you spawn as a Walker, your objective is to defeat 40 Enemies on Iokath. The cool thing is that you can complete other missions, while it the Walker as you are able to loot the remains of the mobs you defeat. The Walker has a number of abilities for you to enjoy. The last button – Eject – is to leave the Walker. Be careful, though, as you would need to purchase another one at the terminal again to finish the mission if you haven’t. These Walkers are in the open world, so any other player can see you piloting it :)


To reach the most southern are of Iokath for the first time, it would be best to head out from your Base to the south and in the Iokath Expanse area look for the Factory Tram – one is located to the West, one to the South-East on the map. Or you can use the entrance to the Factory, which is located in the most Southern part in the Iokath Expanse area. The terminals that you need to interact with are many, spread all over the place and re-spawn quite fast. I’ve marked some of the locations on the map for your convenience.


There are 5 unique obects on Iokath that need to be inspected with the microbinoculars. They can be seen from various locations on Iokath, including the Republic and Imperial Bases and the Iokath Expanse area. I have marked on the map the locations I consider best for both factions – they are easy to access and present minimum amount of enemy NPCs to be defeated on the way. Empire players can quickly get to the 2 locations in the north section of the Iokath Expanse and inspect the objects. Republic players can use the “East to West Quick Tram”. The 5th location is far to the south.


This is the only mission that cannot be completed solo. It involves killing a giant droid, located in the Iokath Expanse area. It has over 8 million HP and only 2 special mechanic:

  • Rocked Assault (8s channel) – red circles on the targeted player, to avoid taking damage, keep moving and stay away from the main group
  • Charged Blast (2s channel) – single target attack on the tank.

A small group of well geared players with at least 1 healer and preferably 1 tank can take it down. A large group of 8-10 or even more is suggested to speed up the process.


In this mission you will need to remote pilot a mouse droid. It has a Stunn, Self-Destruct and Eject abilities. You have to navigate over to the other faction’s area, just outside of their base, find a Walker and Self-Destruct on it to complete the mission. Purchasing a Mouse Droid requires Credits and Power Shards.


This one is also in a separate instance. The entrance is at the north-east corner on the Alliance Base – the same area where Disarm and Subverting the Tower Droids missions are.


Another mission that takes place in the Docking Ring instance. The object here is to use the Network Node Access Terminal in the Docking Ring. It’s located in the first area after you enter. Clicking on it will trigger the next (real) objective – Defeat the Iokath Terminal Network Coordinator.

Start by attacking the Coordinator droid. When it shields up and the 2 additional droids spawn, look around the area – there are sphere nodes around the wall on the entrance side. You need to pick up a sphere and bring it to the other wall on the other side. This will disable the shields on the 2 droids on the left and right. Kill them, then finish off the Coordinator.


This mission takes place south from your Faction’s Base, in the Iokath Expanse area. The Empire’s version of this mission requires you to Enable Plasma Emitters, while the Republic players will have to Disable them. They are all in the middle portion of the Iokath Expanse and you can find nodes both up on the ramps as well as on the ground floor, where all the spider droids are.


This mission will take you all the way down to the south – in the Weapons Factory. Clicking on the big blue terminal will transform you into a “Factory Remote” Obelisk. You only have 1 active ability allowing you to steal the power spheres that other obelisks are carrying. You can either steal theirs and place 5 Power Cores (the spheres) into the Receiving Port or you can go grab the spheres yourself and bring them over. After you finish this, you will spawn back into the Factory. Check if your Sprint is active (it’s a known bug). If any of your abilities are not functioning properly during or after this mission, reset your UI (default: CTRL+U).


Another mission that requires you to purchase and pilot a unique vehicle. This time you will be transforming into a Monitor. Once you spawn as a Monitor, you have to find and defeat 10 random enemies. Be careful, though, as the Monitor has only 1 single target attack and after it you will be stunned for 6 seconds, unable to do anything. It’s unwise to pull more than 1 small group at a time if you are alone. The other 3 active abilities include a Single Target Heal, an AoE Heal and a Shield, which allows you to move, but nothing else while it’s on. The last button on your toolbar is for when you are done and want to return back to your character. Once again, like with the Walker mission, you can do other missions in the open world while piloting the Monitor.


There are 3 vendors in each base on Iokath that are worth mentioning. First one is a Droid that offers consumables for Credits + Iokath Power Shards (the ones that drop from mobs and as mission rewards). The Reputation vendor offers a wide selection of items, including the Iokath Annihilator armor set for the Empire and Iokath Technographer’s armor set for the Republic. The K2-8 Droid is willing to exchange crafting materials for Power Shards. Power Shards are required for pretty much everything on Iokath. All of the vendors are located nearby the Daily Mission Terminals.

The video below will show you the contents of the vendors as of December 2017.

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