SWTOR Yavin 4 Daily Missions Guide

Most efficient way to do the Yavin 4 Dailies quickly!

This simple guide will help you speed-farm all of the Yavin 4 Daily Missions in SWTOR quickly and efficiently in under 20 minutes. The route and approach to all quests is designed by Docdr and this guide is based on their suggestions.

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First, let’s start with a brief introduction to each one of the 8 available Daily Missions on Yavin IV. Please, note, the screenshots were taken in September 2017 during the CXP Daily Missions Rewards Bug.


First, of course, to unlock the Daily Missions on Yavin 4, you need to complete the main storyline on that planet. For that you would need a one month Subscription to unlock it. And if you are curious to learn more about Yavin 4’s lore, check this video.

This is the main camp for both factions. The missions are the same for Imperial and Republic players alike. There are 6 daily missions available here – 4 separate NPCs and 2 on the Daily Mission Terminal. There are 2 more daily missions available, located in the most western region – just south from the Massassi Village. It is recommended to pick up all missions at once before you start doing them, because some share objectives and could speed up the process a bit. For a more detailed overview of the mission starting locations, see the attached screenshots below.

Now, let’s take a closer look at each one of these missions – where are they located and what type of a reward they provide.



Start by picking up all the missions from the main camp by talking to all NPCs as well as stopping by the Daily Mission Terminal. The route is from the point of view of an Empire character. If you play for the Republic, you cannot quick travel directly to Prowler’s Trail.


Naturally, you are allowed to complete as many of these SWTOR quests as you wish and in whatever order you prefer. Below you will find the optimal route for fastest completion that will help you save time when you have these quests on “farm mode” :)

The first area you visit is the Prowler’s Trail, where you will start Confederacy. Next go through the tunnels over to the west to reach the Training Grounds and kill Lurkers for Pushback, then head into the middle tunnel again to spawn and kill the big lurker creature to finish that quest. Travel south to the Verdant Swamp and finish Confederacy. Don’t leave the area before you have killed the 15 Jungle Creatures for the bonus quest (during XP and CXP events the bonus quests provide great reward for your time spent). After that travel west through the southern tunnel to go back to the Training Grounds to finish Pushback if you haven’t done so yet. Continue north through the Training Grounds to complete The Devoted Ones and Training Regimen, then stop by the most southern area of that zone for Chopping Block. When you are done with this area, go directly to Sergeant Geiz to pick up Pathfinding, if you haven’t done so in the very beginning and travel through the southern passage to the Temple Ruins, where you will pick up the Datapad to start Hunters Hunted. Next move to the west to complete Atlas of History inside the cave right next to Sergeant Geiz, where you will also find more Stonereys for Pathfinding.

Completing 8 Daily Missions is the objective of the Weekly Mission called “Spirit of Cooperation”.

On the Daily Mission Terminal in Coalition Staging (the main camp) you can also pick up 2 more Weekly missions:

  • The Enemy Within, which can be completed solo or by finishing the Temple of Sacrifice Operation with a group of 8 or 16 players
  • Walking on Hallowed Grounds – objective is to defeat the world boss on Yavin 4 – the Revanite Walker.

SWTOR Yavin IV Daily Missions Best Route

You can find higher resolution of the picture HERE. This screenshot and the ideal pathway was suggested and provided to me by SWTOR player Docdr.

Following the pathway can grant you successful completion of all Daily Missions in 17-20 minutes. Of course, the timer doesn’t take under consideration grouping or having to wait for re-spawns, which may very well happen on a more populated server.


Each Daily and Weekly mission grants XP or CXP, depending on your character’s level as well a certain amount of credits and a reputation token for the Coalition Forces on Yavin 4.


This video walkthrough shows the exact pathway described in the guide here. I couldn’t finish it as quick as I should due to some distractions. If you need visual aid and confirmation of which quest and mob to do and kill in which order, take a look! The video was recorded during a time when CXP bug was active. Thanks to that fact and because I used a CXP stim in the end + I had all Legacy CXP perks activated on Vulkk, my total gain was 7 Tier 4 Command Crates to open after ~21 minutes of running through Yavin 4. Not bad :)

Here’s an archived video from a live stream of mine. This doesn’t follow the perfect path, described above, but will at least give you an idea of what the quests are and show you the environment, monsters and such. Due to the fact that I am on The Red Eclipse server (one of the biggest), it’s not easy to find the area empty and clear for easy and quick farming. :)

I hope you find this guide useful and interesting. If you have a suggestion for a different pathway or strategy that results in even faster completion, let me know in the comments below.


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