SWTOR Ziost Daily Missions Guide (with Achievements)

In-Depth Guide to all Ziost Daily Missions and the 3 secret Achievements on the dead planet

This guide will aid you in completing the 5 daily missions on Ziost in Star Wars The Old Republic as fast as possible. It also contains directions and instructions on how to get the 3 hidden achievements, including 2 Galactic History Lore Updates.

I’ve split the guide into 3 major sections – Requirements to get to the Ziost Daily Area, Daily Missions Guide, including the fastest order to complete all missions and information on how to find and obtain the items needed for the 3 hidden achievements.

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To access the Ziost Daily Area first you need to complete the Main Story Ark on Ziost. The mission should be available once you reach level 60 at the terminal in your personal ship. Below you will find my full Walkthroughs for Empire and Republic.

Once you complete the story, it should take you no more than 45-60 minutes or even less if you rush it (don’t, it’s good!), you will be able to travel down to the now dead planet and complete all the daily missions as well as pick up all the achievements.


3 of the missions are available at the camp, next to the landing pad, another 2 are given via datapads you will pick up in 2 specific locations on the map. The following paragraphs will tell you all you need to know about each daily mission and at the end I’ll show you my recommendation for the best/quickest order in which you should do them to save time.


Available at the mission terminal in the base camp. This is the weekly mission, providing you with the Big CXP reward. To complete it, you simply need to complete the 5 Solo Daily Missions. Once you do that, this one will auto-complete as well and you will get the reward immediately.


Obtained at the base camp from a datapad, next to a broken droid. To complete this one, you have to check the 5 locations marked on your map, go to them and look in the direction they are telling you to with the microbinoculars. Once in position, just click the microbinoculars icon next to the mission objective in your Mission Tracker. All 5 objects are clearly visible and some of them you can even spot from multiple distances, no need to stay exactly on top of the marker.


This mission can be picked up from the base camp. Click on the Crashed Orbital Recon Probe Droid. For it you need to find various crashed orbital recon probes around on Ziost and loot their Memory Cores. Some times a normal Recon Probe droid will spawn and you have to defeat it to loot its Memory Core. Rarely, a special named Droid will spawn. These are part of a hidden achievement. More on that in the Achievements section of the guide. The nodes respawn quick enough if the area is heavily populated with other players.


This mission can be picked up from the mission terminal at the base camp. Find and scan as many corpses as needed until you have enough data. Not every scan will yield results to progress the mission.


To start this mission you need to pick up a Datapad. The entrance to the instanced area is right next to the Datapad. You can progress From Ashes too while inside the instance. Once inside, head left and find the Hr-02 Omni Droid. Next to it on the table there is a Droid Power Cell (more of these are scattered all around the area too). Pick up the Power Cell, then click on the Droid to activate it. Now go to the locations I have shown you in the images below to discover ancient secrets about the Sith in the ruins nearby. When you find all 5, head to the marked area on the map and click on the terminal (you will have to kill the droid that is guarding it first). This completes the mission.


This is the 2nd mission that can be picked up from a datapad, located in the south-west corner of the area. Once you get the mission, you need to pick up the nearby speeder and follow the green arrows in a timely fashion until you reach the broken bridge all the way into the north-east corner of the area. The speeder will then self-destroy and you will dismount automatically. While on the speeder, you can take a left turn and jump over the Davastator Monolith to earn another hidden achievement. More on that in the Achievements section of the guide (read below).


In the following video you can see the order in which I am completing the missions. I believe this is the fastest and most efficient order to save you time.

Head down to the south-western corner of the map, where Dead Pulse is and on your way complete as many of the objectives of From Ashes and Looking for Signs as you can. Also don’t forget to take a look the nearby location(s) for Death of a World. After you complete Dead Pulse, you will find yourself in the north-eastern corner of the area. Head south until you reach the entrance of Eyes into the Past. Inside the instance you can also progress further with your From Ashes objectives. Once you complete Eyes into the Past, head out and finish the remaining objectives you have left from Looking for Signs and From Ashes. Finally head back to the base camp to hand in From Ashes at the terminal in the building at the back of the camp.

The whole run should take you no more than 12-15 minutes. Maybe 20 if you have to wait for respawns.


There are 3 special (hidden) achievements on Ziost. Two of them can be earned while doing your Solo Missions.


To gain this achievement, you need to spawn and kill 4 special Droids with unique names. This can be done during the Looking for Signs Daily Mission. Most of the time a normal Recon Probe will spawn, but when one of the special-named ones spawn, it will grant you the part of the achievement. Killing all 4 will reward you with the hidden achievement and a new title.

Here are the names of the Recon Probes:

  • X-R37T
  • X-361D
  • X-662J
  • X-124D

They spawn randomly some times instead of the normal ones. Don’t pick up the Memory Cores from the  regular Probes until you finish the achievement or you will complete the Daily Mission. You are not able to click and spawn a probe unless you have the mission active. The locations, as I said previously, are all around the Daily Area. The nodes respawn quick.


Completing this one will grant you 2 Galactic History Lore Updates – Numbers 94 and 95.

Galactic History 94: The Sacking of Coruscant

SWTOR Galactic History 94 - The Sacking of Coruscant

Go to the north-west section of the map, find the destroyed Walker and click on the Exposed Walker Wiring. After the Walker fires a shot, a new Holocron will be revealed. Click it to earn the Galactic History 94.

Galactic History 95: A Cold War Begins

SWTOR Galactic History 95 - A Cold War Begins

This is a bit longer. You need to find 2 pieces of data – one located in the north-east corner of the area, inside the hut, the other one is down in the south-east corner of the area inside an open container. Once you pick them up (in any order you wish), go to the building in the back of the base camp and click on the inactive droid to receive the Galactic History 95 Lore Update and with this you will also complete the Ziost Activist Achievement.

Source for this Achievement: AgrippAA (Reddit)


For this one you will need to have toe Dead Pulse Daily Mission active. There is a Devastator Monolith that spawns from a cave in the most south-western corner on the map and walks around (very slowly) the western alley. The creature seems to only be moving when there are players nearby. Otherwise it stops and waits. Time it right and have the creature positioned near the marked spot on the map I have shown you below and simply drive your speeder through the cliff, it will automatically jump over the Monolith and grant you the achievement.

SWTOR Ziost Daily Area Hidden Achievement Jump the Rock Shark

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