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Missions, Bosses, Rewards, Achievements, New Vendor Sets

This article presents absolutely everything about the SWTOR Eternal Championship encounter available with Patch 4.4. All videos are accurate for the live version of the Arena encounters, I’ve also now included the Freedom Fight aliance mission allowing players to recruit Bowdar, which wasn’t available during the PTS period.

• Watch the full playlist “Everything about the SWTOR Eternal Championship” on YouTube

In the following guide you can read a short description of the fights for each boss and the mechanics included in the encounter and/or watch the video with my narrations of how it is done. The videos will open in a new tab on your browser, which will allow you to have this page open all the time for easy navigation.


The video you will find embedded here is my live stream archive of the full circle – starting with the “Freedom Fight” Alliance Mission alert, doing the Bowdaar quest, entering the Eternal Championship and completing all 10 encounters while explaining each fight’s mechanics and tactics and finishing with all weeklies handed in and Bowdaar in my companion collection :)

Continue down below the video for my detailed written guide about all bosses, quests, rewards and achievements.


What is the Eternal Championship

The Eternal Championship is a new feature introduced to SWTOR – 10 solo encounters with various rewards. The different stages are set with various mechanics. Bioware’s idea is to help and introduce new and casual players to the mechanics available and seen in Flashpoints and Operations, while also providing achievements, credits and gear rewards for each complete encounter. There are various quests available for defeating 5th, 7th and 10th bosses (listed below).

For more information, click on the thumbnail to the left. This is my video introduction and preview, based on Bioware’s Developer Post, published on the official SWTOR forums.

Starting Quest and Requirements

The quest giver is an NPC called Dominaire. He is located in the Cantina on Zakuul. More detailed directions on his location you can find in the video linked below (click on the thumbnail) as well as in this Developer Post by Eric Musco.

To enter the Eternal Championship your character must have completed Chapter IX of Fallen Empire and be level 65.

The Quest Giver NPC is on Level 2 of Platform 6, where the Cantina is. The entrance to the Arena is on Level 1, take the elevator nearby.

Available Quests

Next to the Quest Giver NPC Dominaire is locared a terminal. On it you will find 5 Eternal Championship Mission Terminalavailable quests.

  • [Solo] Eternal Championship – complete all 10 encounters alone (with your companion)
  • [Solo +] Eternal Championship – complete all 10 encounters with a group
  • [Weekly] Defeat Supreme Vindicator Lanos (5th boss)
  • [Weekly] Defeat Nocturno and Drake Raven (7th boss)
  • [Weekly] Defeat Eternal Champion Zotar (10th and final boss)


First Encounter: Arlaia Zayzen

The first boss is very simple to kill. Includes Arlia in the middle, surrounded by her 2 minions. The left droid heals her, the right one is a DPS boost add. They boost her performance and need to be cleared first. Their HP pools are small and no more than 2-3 abilities are required. Once the adds are dead, finish off the boss to complete the encounter

Second Encounter: Daruula Grah

Originally Daruula’s fight mechanics include forcing the boss to attack his own adds, the spiders (as scouting report suggests – bring them through the toxic circles from her granades). However, it’s very easy to just focus on the boss and AoE the adds. If you have a healing companion, be sure to stay close as some of the spawning ads will surely go for them. Avoid the Yellow circles on the floor as they put a DoT on you if you stay inside. Burst DPS spec is very useful here and depending on your class and gear you can complete this by the time a 2nd wave of spider adds spawns.

Third Encounter: Gungus Boga

In the beginning of this encounter you will fight 2 NPCs – Gungus and one of his Heralds. The add is weak and can be killed easily with AoE. My suggestion is to focus on the boss, while keeping your companion close (especially if it’s a healer). Near the end of the fight a few more Heralds will spawn and they will likely go for your healer. The specific mechanic for this encounter is the 2 fire circles. Gungus will jump to the middle of the arena and pull you there as well. If you have a Speed Boost Buff, save it for this moment. The big yellow circle is in the middle and is surrounded by a few smaller red fire circles. The pattern is different each time it spawns and there’s always a gap in the outer ring (red circles) – this is where you should run to avoid the stacking DoT. Focus on the boss and with enough DPS, you should be able to take him down within 2 circle spawn events.

Fourth Encounter: Conraad and Chompers

Start the fight focusing on the monster (Chompers the Undying). When you drop it to low HP (~30%), it will go into a HP-regeneration phase. When that happens, switch to Conraad and nail him down. Any spawning adds can be cleared with AoE or after the real boss fight is over. Avoid red circles on the floor. If you can’t DPS down Conraad before Chompers is refreshed back to 100%, go back to Chompers and force him to regenerate again, then finish off Conraad before that regeneration is done. Otherwise Chompers will enrage and start dealing a lot more damage. If you delay the fight and adds start spawning and attacking you or your companion (take care of them first).

Fifth Encounter: Lanos

Begin the fight on Lanos and as soon as the Defender Skytroopers spawn, interrupt one, kill it (it has low HP) and finish off the 2nd one to remove the immunity from Lanos. Keep DPSing the boss until the other 2 types of droids spawn. First a small group of 3-4 normal Skytroopers will spawn in the far corner of the arena. Kill them quick, they have low HP and usually go immediately for the companion if it’s a healer. The 3rd type of adds that spawn is the Unstable Skytrooper. They target you, jump to your location and attempt to explode. No need to interrupt their channel, let them explode by moving quickly away from the surrounding them red circle (the area of the explosion).

Sixth Encounter: Brawler Thades

For this boss encounter you need to be prepared for a lot of movement around. The boss is accompanied by 2 adds. They all have a specific buff bosting their damage when they are close to each other, while also reflecting any attacks aimed at them from range. Stay melee always and kite them around. It doesn’t matter who you focus and kill first. Don’t stay too long to Thades as this will allow him to stack a debuff on you, boosting his damage. The 2 monsters are very slow, but they tend to jump to your location when you move far away. The boss teleports to you too, so you need to keep moving around and keep them separated.

Seventh Encounter: Nocturno and Drake Raven

When you start the fight, Nocturno is shielded, but also slowed. Focus first on Drake. When he places a bomb on you, move around to place it near Nocturno. For the first few seconds the bomb will move with you, then it will deploy on the ground (a black cylinder under your feet). When that happens, move out of the red circle, but position yourseld in a way that will leave Nocturno inside. When she gets stunned by the bomb, she becomes slow again. If you kill Nocturno first, Drake calls for support – a few adds spawn shortly and annihilate your companion (my healer in my case). These adds have similar auras around them, reflecting damage done form range back to you. If you reach that state (by killing Nocturno first or being too slow in this fight), make sure to kill the big droid in the middle, rest will self-descruct (like that one Trash pull in Karagga’s Palace, remember?) It is recommended to take them nearly at the same time as they enrage if one falls first. Kill Drake first and finish of Nocturno. Her enrage is not too hard to heal. Remember, use the Kolto tanks spread around the arena. Nocturno hits like a truck in melee range, even more so when enraged. Drake drops a belt with useful abilities. If you play a healer or Tank class, you need to rely on your companion to do the DPS for you, which is a good reason to use that belt. It has 2 useful abilities – one is deploying a mine, just like Drake’s ones, the second one is a “teleport” or in more SWTOR terms jet-pack jump to another spot of your choice.

Eight Encounter: Little Gut

The Rancor doesn’t do much damage on its own. To minimize the incoming damage, avoid the different reticles placed on the floor during the fight. It may be useful to map a keybind for making your companion switch quickly from Passive to Active mode. Else they will take damage form the marked areas. The spawning adds are no trouble and can be cleared after the Rancor is dead or with some AoE, which means you want to try and keep your companion close. Kill off the Handler Apprentices as they spawn, they buff the boss.

Ninth Encounter: Doom Droid

Arlaia returns from the death to face you again. Keep a 90 degree angle between, the boss, yourself and your companion as when the red Laser beam channel begins, you need to move to the side to avoid damage (much like in Makeb’s final boss and Toborro’s Courtyard Boss Fights). Next mechanic is Missle Strike, which puts yellow circle on your feet – easily aviodable. 2 types of adds spawn when the boss reaches ~40% HP. Assault AZ-B channels a Shock Beam (slow debuff) and can be killed quickly as it has low HP. The Assault AZ-A unit chases you and when it reaches you, it creates a red circle around itself and self terminates, damaging whatever stays inside the marked area. It’s not hard to avoid and there are no slows or stuns during this. Around ~20% of the Doom Droid’s HP, the final mechanic triggers – 4 droids channeling towards the middle with a timer running down. Kill them all 1 by 1 to interrupt the channel, then finish off the Doom Droid.

Tenth Encounter: Eternal Champion Zotar

This is the last boss fight in the Eternal Championship. Burst DPS Spec is recommended. Well, it is for most if not all encounters and they are all relatively short and involve hitting multiple adds, but not always at the same time. There is no scout information available, which makes the fight a little more interesting to learn. Zotar comes on his Walker After Shock.

The fight begins with just the Walker present. After a short while Fire Support Probe Droids spawn around the arena. They channel a High Priority Laser, which you can either interrupt, avoid or cancel by killing the droids (Update: they can destroy each other if you aim the beams at them and place the yellow circles from the bombs on them – useful for non DPS players to speed up the fight). They all have small amount of HP. Avoid the yellow circles that spawn on you during this first phase of the fight.

Around ~50% of the Walker’s HP, Zotar will drop down and attempt to show you “how things are done” Eternal, Champion style. He has a stacking buff “Lightniung shield” which boosts his damage if you are not in melee range. So, whatever class and companion you choose, always try to stay in melee range to Zotar. In this 2nd phase of the encounter the Walker is inactive and Zotar will keep pushing you away every few seconds, so be sure to always move back to him (unless he jumps to you).

For the next phase Zotar will return to the Walker (it has healed up a bit in the meantime, up to ~70% of its HP in my case). The Walker will begin a 15 seconds channel “Focused Laser” (use defensive cooldowns), which deals damage and is unstoppable (or at least I didn’t find a way to interrupt it.

The last phase begins as Zotar drops from the Walker once again. He jumps to the middle of the arena and channels an unavoidable full AoE attack that covers the whole arena, except the middle ring around the boss. He will keep pushing you back, remember to move in melee range – yourself and your companion. When a yellow circle spawns at your feet, move away, but stay next to the boss. Once you defeat Zotar, the Walker will explore after just a couple of hits. This concludes the whole fight. It’s one of the longer encounters in the Eternal Championship, but everything is easily predictable in it.


Except for the money and blue 204 gear, the weekly quests provide some extra rewards and special purple Eternal Championship Tokens + some Blue Crystals. The tokens can be traded at the new Gear Vendor, located by the Arena. The tokens, as well as the armor set available on the vendor (yes, just one set!) are bound to Legacy and in the spawn of a week only 6 tokens can be earned by one character.

  • The Eternal Champion Set costs 3 tokens per piece with the Bracers and Belt priced at only 1 token
  • The 208 and 216 Armor Rating costs 2 EC Tokens per piece.

That was it. I hope you found this guide useful. Let me know how you managed with your favorite character. Leave a comment below with your personal experience after you become the Eternal Champion of Zakuul! :)


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