Everything about SWTOR KOTFE Chapter 14: Mandalore’s Revenge and Patch 4.5

Chapter 14’s all sides of the story, guides, reviews and more

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June 2016 adds 2 new stories to the SWTOR Knights of the Fallen Empire’s chapter based storyline. This is my full collection of video clips and articles about the SWTOR Chapter 14 “Mandalore’s revenge”. Learn who is the new Mandalore, what happened to the old one. Join Shae Vizla and her clans for an epic adventure. Visit Darvannis, where, unfortunately, you will NOT find Styrak ready and willing to drop a nice Main Hand for the lucky winner :)


SWTOR KOTFE Chapter 14: Mandalore’s Revenge – Sith Warrior Dark Side       SWTOR Knights of the Fallen Empire Chapter 14: Mandalore’s Revenge WALKTHROUGH (JK, Light Side)       SWTOR Knights of the Fallen Empire Chapter 14: Mandalore’s Revenge ALL CINEMATICS (JK, Light Side)


SWTOR KOTFE: Sith Warrior pisses off Shae Vizla (Chapter 14 Highlight)       SWTOR KOTFE: Arcann likes the Mandalorians? (Chapter 14 Highlight)       SWTOR KOTFE: Shae Vizla’s weird gestures during her speech (Chapter 14 Highlight) SWTOR KOTFE: Followup on Jorgan’s Death (Chapter 14 Highlight)       SWTOR KOTFE: Will Scorpio follow Jorgan’s fate soon? (Chapter 14 Highlight)


SWTOR KOTFE Chapter 14 OVERVIEW & OPINION (Spoiler Free)       SWTOR The Last of His Kind Alliance Mission Alert Walkthrough (Rejecting Broonmark, JK Light Side)       SWTOR Opening REVENGE Hypercrate Opening (30x Cartel Packs)

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