Fractured Uprising | SWTOR 5.0 Guide

The “Fractured” Uprising is available to all active lvl 70 Subscribers via the Galactic Command UI or by directly accessing its personal terminal on the Fleet. It takes place on an Imperial space station (same interior as The False Emperor Flashpoint). For more detailed information visit the SWTOR Uprisings Blog Post or watch the SWTOR Uprisings Video Overview

This is othe shortest Uprising available with the launch of SWTOR Patch 5.0. It offers 2 boss encounters, which the player fights one after another without exiting combat. The first part of the instance involves jumping up and down using flashing blue buttons/terminals, similar to the MGGS ones (remember those pesky Datacrons :P)

1st Boss: Lord Anril

  • Story Mode HP: 899k | Veteran Mode HP: 1.8 mill
  • The boss channels (6s) a Forse Storm AoE attack, marked on the ground with a red circle. Avoid it as soon as it spawns as it deals significant damage per tick on Veteran Mode. Companions take damage from it as well. It’s better to have a ranged companion with you if you are using any. Force Storm follows the tank, if you want to use a melee companion or experiment with your tank skills. :)
  • Several times during the fight 4 silver adds will spawn. They need to be gathered by the tank and AoE’d as quick as possible.

2nd Boss: Major Korven

  • Story Mode HP: 901k | Veteran Mode HP: 1.8 mill
  • Has 2 special attacks. First is Suppressive Fire (5k to 7k per tick on non-tank in Veteran) – frontal AoE, cannot be avoided by the tank (it follows them), must be aimed away from the group. The 2nd special ability is Fire Bomb, which is again thrown at the tank after a short channel. This has an effect on all nearby players, make sure the tank stays on the opposite side of the boss and away from the group before the channel ends and and the Bomb is thrown.
  • In the 2nd phase Korven will start jumping to the outer ring of the platform/room. You can either jump drectly to the locatini by clicking on the flashing MGGS console below the boss or by walking around. I thought the red barrier should be up after the boss fight starts to prevent players from respawning after being defeated (shown in the video below) and to force the MGGS mechanic. The current state of the boss mechanics allows for a companion to be used freely. If or when the barrier is lifted in an upcoming patch, companions must be put to passive and forced to teleport to the player. Korven summons silver droids after each jump around the platform.


The video section will show you my currently available videos with gameplay and guiding commentaries about the various mechanics inside the Uprisings and the boss encounters there.

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