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SWTOR GUIDE Landing Party 5.1 Uprising

The “Divided We Fall” Uprising is one of the 5 Uprisings released with SWTOR Patch 5.1 and is available to all active lvl 70 Subscribers via the Galactic Command UI or by directly accessing its personal terminal on the Fleet. For more detailed information visit the SWTOR Uprisings Blog Post or watch the SWTOR Uprisings Video Overview

This Uprising takes place on Rakata Prime, also known as Lehon.

1st Boss: Scout Captain Sterla

  • Story Mode HP: XXX| Veteran Mode HP: 2.6 mill
  • The boss spawns Multiple Skytrooper Recon Prototipe weak NPCs during the fight.
  • Sterla’s most important special ability is the Vengeful Slam, which can easily be avoided.
  • If you see a yellow circle on the ground beneath you, start moving. A couple seconds later a red circle will spawn under your feet, dealing small amount of damage and knocking you on the ground. Also interrupt the Sonic Missile from the adds or you may face hard time if it happens to you when a lightning is approaching and you are knocked down by a red circle.
  • There will be lightning circles roaming aroudn the arena, their numbers will increase near the end of the fight. The Lightning pylons don’t do significant amount of damage per tick, but they do tick quick, but if you stay inside them, you will die in seconds.
  • The fight is quite long and very repetative, but not hard overall.

2nd Boss: Primal Gargantuan

  • Story Mode HP: XXX| Veteran Mode HP: 2.7 mill
  • Very simple tank and spank oss. Once in a while it will channel Howl for 12s. It’s a similar mechanic to the final boss of Battle of Rishi. Players must run into a safe area, marked with orange on the ground.
  • The other special attack worth mentioning is a Swipe, that knocks back the tank. it has a small frontal cone-AoE, marked on the ground as well.

Observe and Report Achievement

Shortly before the final boss, you can find a spy hidden in the base of a tree. For the exact location and how to find him, check out the video. It happens at 1h16m28s.

3rd Boss: Commander Tassar

  • Story Mode HP: XXX| Veteran Mode HP: 2.6 mill
  • Before the boss arrives, you have a few waves of trashy NPCs to clear off on the beach. Right near the entrance to the area, there are 3 different types of turrets that you can pick up and deploy on the beach for support and to make things quicker.
  • The fight happens in an enclosed area, but it’s big enough to fit all 4 players.
  • The boss has 3 main special abilities. All of them important, all of them deadly if players aren’t familiar with them.
  • Ravenous Void: large purple circle (look just like the ones in the Revan from ToS Ops fight), deals high amount of damage, must run out of it as soon as is spawns on your feet.
  • Force Slam: Tassar will pick up a player and smash the ground with them several times. Deals moderate amount of damage, not a problem if the area is clear. Keep your CC breaker for that and use it if you get slammed and targeted by the other attacks of the boss.
  • Unstable Conduit: targets a random player and creates a purple circle around them, that follows them for a few seconds. The player must run away from the team to avoid damaging them.
  • Tassar will also cast Force Blast on players, which knocks them back a few meters.


The video section will show you my currently available videos with gameplay and guiding commentaries about the various mechanics inside the Uprisings and the boss encounters there.

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