Everything about SWTOR KOTFE Chapter 13: Profit and Plunder and Patch 4.4

Chapter XIII’s all sides of the story, guides, reviews and more

SWTOR’s Fallen Empire Chapter XIII Storyline is already released and here I present to you a selection of videos – full playthroughs and walkthroughs, cinematics, and highlights from the best moments and decisions your character can and should make.

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The SITH WARRIOR (Dark Side) my first Playthrough of the chapter. As always I recorded my First Impressions video which describes what I felt like right after the end of the story for episode and Profit and Plunder did not disappoint! Two days after I did the Dark Side Sith Warrior version and reunited my Marauder with his old “friend” Vette, the time came for a Light Walkthrough and first was Vulkk’s turn! And on the very next day I finished the mini series with Kros’ Republic Trooper version. I made unique choices, so you can see the different outcomes in all important situations.


SWTOR Chapter XIII Profit and Plunder Sith Warrior Dark Side                  SWTOR KOTFE Chapter XIII Profit and Plunder – Republic Trooper NoUI Challenge


SWTOR KOTFE Chapter 13 – Profit and Plunder (All Cinematics, Sith Warrior Dark Side)         SWTOR KOTFE Chapter 13 – Profit and Plunder (All Cinematics, Jedi Knight Light Side)         SWTOR KOTFE Chapter 13 – Profit and Plunder (All Cinematics, Тrooper Light Side)

Best moments highlights

SWTOR KOTFE – Chapter XIII Killing Jorgan         SWTOR – Vette and Spewie’s Tragic Love Story         SWTOR – All is OK, Gault always has a plan SWTOR – Kaliyo is Exiled from the Alliance (Chapter XIII Highlight)         SWTOR – What Hylo REALLY thinks of Gault


SWTOR KOTFE Chapter XIII – First Impressions and Reactions         SWTOR Opening 30x Plunderer’s Cartel Packs HYPERCRATE         SWTOR Bowdaar and Eternal Championship Walkthrough SWTOR More old classic Armor Sets return to the game with Patch 4.4         SWTOR Weapon Tuning Animation Demo On All Weapon Types         SWTOR Weapon Tuning – Why we rage? What’s so bad about it?

Written Guides

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