SWTOR Lost Island Flashpoint Guide

Everything you need to know about one of the best Flashpoints ever released!

Lost Island was released way back in the Spring of 2012. It was the first (an only) Tier 2 Flashpoint in Star Wars The Old Republic. It successfully stood the test of time and is even today one of the most difficult and entertaining challenges a player could attempt to conquer.

This guide covers all bosses and mini bosses, as well as the bonus boss. It is valid for all difficulty modes as the mechanics are exactly the same. Some can be skipped or overlooked in Veteran Mode, due to the lower damage and HP the enemies have.


Lost Island is 2nd Flashpoint in a mini story-arc that begins with Kaon Under Siege Flashpoint. The mission can be picked up on the Fleet. Talk to Whisper in the Supplies Section on the Republic Fleet or Lord Velnine on the Imperial Fleet.


Alternatively, if you want to jump right into the action of Lost Island, you can either select it from the Activities Window or manualy enter the instance by going to the Gav Daragon (Republic) or Ziost (Imperial) ships. Check the maps below.


The story is a direct continuation of the events from Kaon Under Siege.

The survivors of Kaon have been rescued, and the truth of the Rakghoul outbreak has been learned; a scientist, branded a traitor by the Tion Hegemony years earlier, released the virus in an attempt to eliminate the Tion nobility. With his plan thwarted and his identity revealed, the scientist has gone into hiding while continuing to plot his takeover of the Tion Hegemony.

Though he believes himself to be safe, agents for both the Republic and the Empire have traced him to a small island on Ord Mantell. Now both factions assemble strike teams to dispatch to Ord Mantell to battle their way through twisted monstrosities before confronting the scientist in his island laboratory. While the Republic wants to see the Rakghoul virus destroyed, the Empire sees an opportunity to take the virus for itself and turn it into a powerful weapon.


SWTOR Lost Island Flashpoint Guide Bonus ObjectiveThe Flashpoint contains a bonus boss, which can be unlocked by doing a bonus objective. This is the only bonus objective and is given to you automatically as you enter the instance. To complete it, you have to find and activate 6 holo statues and hear their recordings. The first 2 are before the first boss (LR-5 Sentinel Droid), third is after the first boss and before the second (Project Sav-Rak), the last 2 are near the bonus boss itself, which is after the second boss. Transgenic Sample Eleven is located in the Specimen Storage Complex Primary Research lab. It is inactive until find and activate all 6 recordings. Detailed tactics and mechanics of the fight you will find in the next section of this guide.


The Flashpoint offers 3 main bosses, 2 mini bosses and 1 bonus boss. Below you can find detailed information about each one of them in the order you will be doing them as you progress through the instance.


This is the first serious encounter in the Flashpoint. The mini boss has 3 ads (Vile Shaclaw) that you have to kill first and quick. They are standing right next to it. The only mechanic to this encounter is to avoid the yellow circles on the ground as they deal damage while you stand on them. The fight is short and the quicker you take the monster down, the better. It hits quite hard in Master Mode and may force the tank to use some defensive cooldowns. The yellow circles are marked on the ground like a mini volcanoes, giving you a couple of seconds notice ahead of time, so you know where not to stay.


The first boss is a giant droid in a large closed room. There are 2 possible solutions to defeating him. In this guide I will describe what I consider to be the easiest and less chaotic and less melee-unfriendly one.

Key Abilities
  • Incinerate – a channeled 3 seconds attack, that must be interrupted either by the tank or by one of the DPS players. If not, it applies up to 3 stacks of a DoT on the tank and all players, who stand close. The sooner it is interrupted, the better. If you are quick enough, it will not leave a DoT on the tank at all.
  • Energy Sphere – a white circle marks random player and follows them for 2-3 seconds. After that it turns blue and stops moving, giving the player a chance to escape the upcoming lightning ball drop. Once it drops on the ground, the lightning sphere starts expanding. It is best if these are dropped far away/behind the boss, so they don’t take away from the valuable safe area where DPS and Healer can stay during the encounter.
  • Experimental Cannon – a 6 seconds channel that can also be interrupted, but first priority is Incinerate always. It’s a single target attack on the tank.
  • Adds – Subject Zero and Specimen X ads will spawn once the boss is ~60% HP or below. They come from the bacta tanks on each side of the room. Can be easily killed with AoE. Don’t do too much damage and a well geared up healer can take their damage easily for quite a while.
  • Fire from the Grid – the grid on the floor will spawn lava/fire, which damages anybody standing on top of the location. It is not recommended for players to stand on top of the grids.

Soon after the fight starts, the boss does the first Incenerate. Interrupt it an move the droid to one of the corners of the room. They are almost identical, so it doesn’t matter to which one. Tank should face the boss towards the corner, while the 2 DPS stay behind the droid. Healer can remain in the middle of the room (on the square “island” for now). When the White circles start dropping, be sure to take them away from the boss to leave the area clear for as long as possible. When the area becomes too cluttered with environmental hazards, the tank should move the boss to the next closest clear corner of the room. The lava that appears from the grid is not too deadly and players can afford to run through it now and then if needed. It is important that nobody stands near the tank as Incinerate can spread. Incinerate is first priority for interrupting. When the adds spawn, they will likely go for the Healer. If the player is well geared, they wont do much damage and their attacks can easily be outhealed for quite some time. If not, then the healer should run to the DPS behind the boss and let them know when the adds are ready for AoE damage. Alternatively, one of the DPS can quickly move to the healer’s position and clear off the adds quickly, then return to the boss.

An alternative method of defeating the Sentinel Droid is to keep him in the middle “square”. When Lightning spheres spawn, take them to the edge of the square platform or even on the grid. This method allows for spreading the players a bit  one RDPS can stand on one side next to the kolto tanks and another (or the healer) can take the other side. If the blue spheres are avoided properly, the incoming damage on the DPS should be minimal and they wont need much healing.


The next boss is a mini boss that can be avoided if you do not go too close to its location. It is located shortly before the 2nd main boss of the Flashpoint. Its name is Transgenic Sample Eleven and is a simple tank and spank fight.

Simple, but not easy. The boss hits very hard. Its 2 abilities are Horn Slam and Improved Roar. The Roar can be interrupted. Tank must be quick to taunt as it has a random aggro-drop mechanic that will leave the beast to head for the healer or a DPS. When the boss switches target, it tends to do a knock-back, which really hurts.


The 2nd boss is what would prevent most of the challenge-seeking SWTOR players to be able to underman the Flashpoint. Project Sav-Rak is one of my all-time favorite bosses in the whole game. It took me and my friends over 2 hours to research and beat it for the first time way back in 2012.

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Key Abilities
  • Sav-Rak Smash – The boss starts bashing its fists into his chests for 4.5 seconds, then jumps up and upon landing, he pushes back everyone, who isn’t standing right on top of its location. When the channel begins, all players must quickly move under the boss and stay there until he jumps up and down. If you stand right under the boss when he jumps up, you will be knocked up vertically. If not, the boss will push you backwards and throw you off the platform. This is a very dangerous mechanic that each player must be very careful about. Some class abilities can bypass the knocn-back if activated in time and the player can remain in place without having to run to the boss (Snipers/Gunslingers and Mercs/Commandos for example).
  • The 3 Pillars – When the boss jumps on one of the 3 available pillars, players must run and click on the terminals on each one of them (mind the gap between the platform and the pillar). Activating the terminals is a long channel, which the players must not interrupt. At the end of it, fire appears at the top of each pillar, forcing the boss to jump back down to the platform and the fight resumes. Players cannot leap to the boss while he is up on a pillar. While the tank and 2 DPS run off to click the terminals on the pillars, the healer stays in the middle, constantly healing the group as Sav-rak spits on them with a green goo.
  • Green Acid DoT – This DoT is placed on a player often and can be cleansed. However, if the players are in melee range to each other, the DoT can spread, making the healer’s task more difficult.

Much of the tactics are properly responding to mechanics and boss’ abilities. At the beginning of the fight, the tank goes to the opposite side of the platform and pulls the boss from there. It is important to keep Sav-rak in the middle of the platform at all times. Tank must not allow the boss to turn towards the other players. When Sav-rak attempts to do the Sav-rak Smash, quickly stack under the boss and keep doing your job until the jump. Once the boss jumps up onto a pile, the tank and 2 DPS must run to the terminals and activate them to force the boss to jump back down by burning him. The green DoT that Sav-rak places on (I think) the tank, can spread, so it is important that players don’t stay close to each other (5-6m distance should be enough).


This boss is available only after completing the bonus objective, described in the beginning of this guide.

The only special ability this one does is called Icicle Smash. It begins with an announcement on the screen – “Transgenic Sample Eleven Smashes the Facility Floor”. When this happens, you and every one else will receive a stacking debuff that will progressively slow your movement. And movement is the most important thing during this phase. While Icicles are dropping on your toes, you must keep on the move, never stop to heal or damage the boss. If everyone keeps moving during the special phase, this boss is fairly easy. It doesn’t matter where you are and in which direction you move, as long as you don’t stop and don’t stack up with the other players in the group. Once the phase ends, normal tank and spank resumes. The 2nd thing worth mentioning is that the tank will take a lot of beating.


The final boss is the longest fight and the most complicated in terms of phases and number of mechanics it includes.

Phase 1 (Human Form)

The first phase repeats itself for as long as needed, until the group deals enough damage to Doctor Lorrick to force him into Phase 2. Here are special abilities and mechanics in the order they appear.

  1. First Flurry of Bolts – 1.5 seconds cast on the tank, can be interrupted After 3x Flurry of Bolts, Lorrick performs a Satchec Charge.
  2. First Red Circles / Poison DoTs – Targets all players and puts red circles on their feet. If you don’t move out, a stacking DoT starts ticking on you quickly. The DoT can be cleansed. This happens in between the Flurry of Bolts. The DoT is a pink/purple debuff on the player.
  3. Second Flurry of Bolts
  4. Second Red Circles / Poison DoT
  5. Third Flurry of Bolts
  6. Satchel Charge – frontal cone attack that Lorrick performs right after the third Flurry of Bolts. Cannot be interrupted, it’s not a channel. However, it can easily be avoided. Targets the tank and throws 3 waves of “bombs” in that direction. The Bombs deal significant damage in Master Mode. Tank must move behind the boss to avoid the Satchels. This attack is announced by the boss with a voiced over line “I have a few tricks up my sleeve”
  7. Kolto Tanks – Shortly after the Satchel Charge ends, Lorrick disappears and a Kolto Tank spawns. Hit it hard with everything you’ve got. If it’s not killed by the time Lorrick jumps back in, a silver mob will spawn out of it. This mob is damaged with the amount of damage you have done to the Kolto Tank it came from. The beginning of this moment in the phase is marked with Lorrick’s voice: “My children will feast on your flesh!”

After this, you move on towards the next Kolto Tank. My recommendation is to start the fight where Lorrick originally stands, then slowly move him towards the big window in the back of the room. Tank should slowly step backwards and try to have the boss next to the First Kolto Tank when the Satchel Charge happens. This will save time for the MDPS to travel to the Kolto Tank. After this is finished, the boss returns and the group starts moving him slow towards the other corner of the big window, where the second Kolto Tank is. This rotation is counter-clockwise. At all times during phase 1 Lorick must not face the group. Tank needs to keep him facing away. While you move towards the next Kolto Tank, always be mindful of LoS – can you be healed or cleansed by the healer or can you heal your group. If the mob in the Kolto Tank is still alive when Lorrick returns, kill it quickly, then move back onto the boss.

When you bring the boss to 40% HP the next phase begins

SWTOR Lost Island Flashpoint Guide Dr Lorrick Phase 2Phase 2: Burning Rakghouls

During this phase Lorrick will spawn burning rakghouls that move slowly towards the player. You must not allow them to reach you. Keep moving the boss if needed until you bring him down to 10% HP. During this phase Lorrick also performs Ravage – a strong single target abilty on a random player that can (and should be) interrupted. If not, the boss not only deals massive damage to the player (especially if not the tank), but that player is also stunned for the 7.5 seconds duration of the Ravage. The burning rakghouls can be pushed back.

Once the boss drops down to 10% HP, he starts regenerating his HP and transforms into a Rakghoul.

Phase 3: Rakghoul Form (Final Burst Phase)

This is a race against time. Lorrick will stack an uncleansable DoT (Corrosive Smash) on all players that will slowly kill you if you do not kill him first. During the HP regeneration moment, all players must build up their buffs, stacks and prepare for the DPS race.When the boss resumes the fight at full HP, bring him to the entrance door or to the window – whichever is closest. He will be doing a regular knock-back and it’s nice to have a wall on your back. All players must be within a Healing Circle range for AoE heals as they will all need it. Use absolutely all you’ve got to take him down as quick as possible.


I have a number of videos from all levels of the evolution from 2012 all the way to 2017 from Lost Island. You can catch some of them from my long list of SWTOR Flashpoints. Below are the 2 most recent ones I have done (at lvl 70).


  • Defeat Doctor Lorrick | Advanced | Elite – Defeat the final boss 1 time | 10 times | 25 times
  • Surprised the Sentinel | Advanced | Elite – Defeat LR-5 Sentinel Droid 1 time | 10 times | 25 times
  • Defeat Projekt Sav-Rak | Advanced | Elite – Defeat Projekt Sav-Rak 1 time | 10 times | 25 times
  • Defeat Putrid Shacklaw | Advanced | Elite – Defeat Putrid Shaclaw 1 time | 10 times | 25 times
  • Defeat Transgenic Sample Eleven | Advanced | Elite – Defeat Transgenic Sample Eleven 1 time | 10 times | 25 times
  • Defeat Transgenic Sample Seven | Advanced | Elite – Defeat Transgenic Sample Seven 1 time | 10 times | 25 times
  • No Lost Cause |Advanced | Elite – Defeat all bosses in the Lost Island Flashpoint 1 time | 10 times | 25 times
  • SWTOR Plague Prevention Achievement from Lost Island - Reward Doctor Lorrick PaintingDefeat Doctor Lorrick | Advanced | Elite – Defeat the final boss 1 time | 10 times | 25 times
  • Surprised the Sentinel | Advanced | Elite – Defeat LR-5 Sentinel Droid 1 time | 10 times | 25 times
  • Defeat Projekt Sav-Rak | Advanced | Elite – Defeat Projekt Sav-Rak 1 time | 10 times | 25 times
  • Defeat Putrid Shacklaw | Advanced | Elite – Defeat Putrid Shaclaw 1 time | 10 times | 25 times
  • Defeat Transgenic Sample Eleven | Advanced | Elite – Defeat Transgenic Sample Eleven 1 time | 10 times | 25 times
  • Defeat Transgenic Sample Seven | Advanced | Elite – Defeat Transgenic Sample Seven 1 time | 10 times | 25 times
  • Plague Prevention |Advanced | Elite – Defeat all bosses in the Lost Island Flashpoint 1 time | 10 times | 25 times

There is only one special reward from all these achievements – Trophy: Doctor Lorrick painting for completing the Elite No Lost Cause.

This is my Guide to the Lost Island Flashpoint.It has always been and still is my favorite Flashpoint. I hope you find this useful and helpful. It’s likely that if you are reading this guide, you haven’t done the Flashpoint. In any case, I am very interested to learn how you remember your first run, whether it was today or years ago :)

You can find more SWTOR Flashpoints Guides from me here!

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