SWTOR A Traitor Among the Chiss Flashpoint Guide

Everything you need to know about the New Flashpoint in Patch 5.6

This guide will help you get through the new Flashpoint in SWTOR: A Traitor Among the Chiss. It includes 3 bosses and 1 bonus boss as well as a few bonus objectives and quite a few achievements to earn and unlock.

Stay on top of things with Everything about SWTOR Patch 5.6: A Traitor Among the Chiss!


The story related to Copero and the Flashpoint is a continuation of the Storyline, which began with “The War for Iokath” in 5.2 and contiued to “Crisis on Umbara” in 5.4. This Flashpoint is part of Game Update 5.6 to Star Wars: The Old Republic. It includes a few cinematic cutscenes and a run through the new Flashpoint on Copero, bearing the same name as the whole update – “A Traitor Among the Chiss”.


Copero was located in the Copero system of Chiss Space, in the Unknown Regions. It was home of the Mitth family, one of the ChissRuling Families, and thus was located on the Path of the Houses, a hyperlane that ran through the Ascendancy’s core territory, along with the homeworlds of many other Ruling Families. Copero was also the location of the Chiss Ascendancy’s largest shipyard.

If you are eager to find out more, the Passionately Casual Podcast has 2 Lore updates for you about Theron Shan and the Chiss Ascencancy.



If you are rushing through the Flashpoint, you can simply run past all trash pulls up to the first boss. It’s likely that they will stop and kill you somewhere along the path, but that wont be a problem – there are several Medic Stations (spawn points), where you will respawn after killed, so you wont have to run all the distance again.

The first 2 bonus objectives are in Copero City:


The first bonus is in Copero City. It requires you to destroy 9 Chiss Ascendency Supplies. All of them are located along the path in Copero City. Completing this will grand you also the Achievement “Supply Demand”.


For this one you need to Plant 6 Listening Deviced on Communications Relays. All of them are located along the path in Copero City. Completing this will grand you also the Achievement “Good Listeners”.


For the 3rd bonus objective you need to Slice 7 Inrokini Terminals. They are all located in the Ship Hull Assembly area, after the first and before the second boss, and are guarded by numerous trash mobs.


There is an Achievement to kill 3 Chiefs. These are nothing special, just Gold NPCs with unique names. They are usually surrounded by a few trash mobs. Killing all 3 of them will grand you the achievement “Defeat the Operations Chiefs, 20 Cartel Coins. Their names are, Li’Dali (located in Copero City – on the right side, near the end),  Nil’Duru and Zir’Mai (located in Ship Hull Assembly, near the terminals – one top right, one bottom right on the map).


The first boss has a few mechanics, but none of them is new for the game and it will bring back old memories of Makeb in your mind.

In Solo Mode you can simply focus target the boss, ignoring all adds that will spawn around. Be sure to avoid as many of the red and yellow circles on the ground. If your companion starts taking too much damage, hit a few of the droids to take the load off of them and return back to the boss.

Here are the key abilities and moments from the fight, worth mentioning for higher difficulty modes:

  • Incinerate – 8s channel with frontal cone. Produces fire that damages the player, but is a static targeted area and can easily be avoided – simply move to the side of the droid when the channel begins
  • Heat Beam – 5s channel on a single target, the tank – not much you can do as this isn’t interruptable, just take the damage (if any :P)
  • Armor-Piercing Cannon Burst – 1.5s cast, dealing AoE damage
  • After ~75% of its HP, the boss will spawn a big red circle around itself (electricity damage for a few seconds) and start spawning Tank Droid adds. They have large HP pools and respawn shortly after they are killed. It is better to keep their aggro controlled as much as possible or just take the damage. The droids spawn big yellow circles around themselves, which explode in a few seconds, dealing AoE damage. Avoid them, if possible.
  • Mortar Volley – 3s channel from the boss that becomes available after the 75% mark. It puts red circles beneath the tank (1 circle per second). Place them away from the boss to keep the area clear. Keep moving to avoid the damage from them.
  • After the boss is dead, kill off the remaining Tank Droids (Copero Security Droids will despawn).

This is arguably the longest boss fight and probably the hardest too as it involves the most number of abilities and mechanics, though nothing is too complicated or punishing, even in higher difficulty modes.


The second boss is more friendly to RDPS and “leapers”, but Bioware has placed MGGS in convenient locations, so you can simply jump up when needed. To make the fight easy, you can kill all adds as they spawn. If you do it on Solo and your companion can take the extra damage, just focus target the boss and take her down.

Key abilities and Mechanics:

  • Kill the Silver Enforcers next to Zenta right at the beginning of the fight. Switch targets when you see they gain the Immunity buff.
  • Snipers will target you from the 2nd floor (you will get there for the 2nd phase)
  • Zenta’s Special abilities include: High Powered Snipe (single target damage with a push-back), Nano Boost (buffs the adds) and Impulse (2s cast with a yellow circle around her)
  • Around 75% HP Zenta jumps to the 2nd floor (beginning of phase 2). You can grapple yourself up via the MGGS tools above your head or just climb the ramp.
  • Zenta now gains the Electro-Magnetic Charge ability – 1.5s channel that puts a red and yellow circles. The yellow circle expands until it reaches the red one’s size, then an explosion follows. The circles are placed on the tank. It’s best if the player runs away from the group until the explosion.
  • In Phase 2 boss will keep teleporting around the area on the 2nd floor, spawning various Silver and Weak adds to her aid.
  • Around ~25% HP Zenta will jump back down on the ground. During this final phase Zenta will do a massive AoE electricity attack. It is quite damaging in higher difficulty modes. In Solo and Story you can simply take the damage if you are well geared. Before the channel begins (it’s not marked as a channel bar on the boss, actually) you will notice yellow arrows around the boss, pointing up. This is the moment you may want to pull yourself up on the 2nd floor to avoid the massive AoE on the ground. RDPS and Healers can simply stay up for the duration of the 3rd phase.
  • Mines – Zenta also starts deploying mines, marked with a small red circle on the floor. They deal periodic damage and can stack up if you remain inside for long.

When you are doing the story missions for this Flashpoint, there will be a Dark or Light decision for you to make after this boss fight. It doesn’t seem to be too important or closely related to any potential future developments of the story. Just a moral choice for your character.



The bonus boss is located after the 2nd and before the 3rd boss. There is a pathway to the south leading you to a Landing Platform, where you will find 2 droids. The big one is the actual boss, while the Support Droid is healing and buffing the big one, while also immune to any damage for the full duration of the encounter.

The best approach is to focus on the Walker, avoid as many of the circles on the ground and kill off the 3 adds that spawn. Interrupt the Support Droid’s channel as much as you can.

Key abilities and Mechanics:

  • Start the fight on the Walker, have the Support Droid on Focus Target.
  • Support Droid’sspecial attack is called Calibrating Weapons System – 5s channel, buffing the damage and HP of the Walker. This ability can be interrupted with anything.
  • Strike Team Six – during the encounter 3 Chiss adds will spawn behind the Support Droid. They perform Full Auto channeled attack. Can be cleared quickly with some AoE.
  • Rain of Fire – Walker puts a massive red circle on the ground that deals periodic fire damage to anybody standing in it for a few seconds.
  • Shock and Awe – Walker puts a red circle on the tank. The circle is stationary (doesn’t follow the tank). Walker continuously fires rockets at the area during the channel of the ability.
  • Orbital Laser – puts 3 yellow circles on the tank. Avoid the damage by just running out of the marked for bombardment area.

Defeating the bonus boss grants you the achievement “Defeat the Strike Team”.


This is a giant beast, that can be skipped if you don’t want to fight. Give it the fruit that is just next to the entrance to the boss are. The Guardian will eat it and fall asleep. If you, however, decide to fight it, know that it’s a simple tank and spank long boring fight. The good news – you earn a secret achievement for defeating it in the end: “Overkill” (gives you also 20CC)


The final boss encounter is split into 2 phases. There are no adds spawning, but in phase 2 you will see 2 Whirlwinds spawning. To defeat Valls, it is recommended that you stay in melee range and keep use your CC breaker when he uses Master Stroke on you. The fight isn’t long, nor too complicated.

Here are the key abilities and mechanics of the boss

  • Right in the beginning of the fight Valls casts Mine Volley, which will spawn mines all around. If not triggered, they will despawn in a couple seconds and the channel will stop.
  • Adegan Crystal Powered Shot – a single target 5s cast that targets random player
  • Focused Fire – visually looks exactly like the Adegan Crystal Powered Shot – frontal cast that follows the tank. Point it away from the group.
  • Suppressive Fire – wide red circle that deals AoE damage to players in it.
  • Around 60-65% Phase 2 begins. The area darkens and Valls spawns 2 Whirlwinds. These adds are immune to damage and look to pull players to the boss if they stand away.
  • Orbital Bombardment – a wide red circle that deals damage to anybody standing in it.
  • Master Stroke – a choking ability that pulls a random member of the group and stuns them in the middle of the Orbital Bombardment. This ability can be interrupted with a CC Breaker.
  • Blizzard Bust – a knock back ability from Valls. Move back into melee range after he pushes you or he will disappear. In phase 2 you need to stay in melee range to the boss or you will not be able to see and damage him.
  • Whirlwinds – immune to damage adds that spawn in the 2nd phase. They look out for players, who are not in melee range to Valls and pull them to the boss.



This is the full list of all achievements available in the Flashpoint on Copero:

  • Turncoat – Complete the FP on SM or VM
  • Deceiver – Complete the FP 10 times on SM or VM
  • Betrayer – Complete the FP 25 times on SM of VM
  • Defeat the Guardian Droid – Kill the first boss in SM or VM
  • Defeat Syndic Zenta – Kill the 2nd boss in SM or VM
  • Defeat Valls – Kill the final boss in SM or VM
  • Defeat the Strike Team – Kill the bonus boss in SM or VM (reward: 2 Copero Propaganda decorations)
  • Defeat the Operations Chiefs – Kill the 3 Gold Named Mobs in any Difficulty (reward: 20CC)
  • Bane of Inrokini – Defeat 100 Inrokini enemies in any Difficulty (reward: 2 Copero Propaganda decorations)
  • Supply Demands – Complete the Bonus Objective (reward: 2 Copero Propaganda decorations)
  • Good Listeners – Complete the Bonus Objective(reward: 2 Copero Propaganda decorations)
  • Terminal Intelligence – Complete the Bonus Objective(reward: 2 Copero Propaganda decorations)
  • Overkill – Defeat the Temple Guardian in any Difficulty (reward: 20CC)
  • Renegade Roundup | Advanced | Elite – Complete the FP in MM | 10 times | 25 times
  • None Shall Pass | Advanced | Elite – Defeat the 1st boss | 10 times | 25 times
  • Head of the Snake | Advanced | Eite – Defeat the 2nd boss | 10 times | 25 times
  • Force Unbound | Advanced | Elite – Defeat the final boss | 10 times | 25 times
  • Shock and Awe | Advanced | Elite – Defeat the bonus boss | 10 Times | 25 times
  • Overkill – Secret Achievement, granted upon killing the Temple Guardian Beast (reward: 20CC)

For the Master Mode difficulty, completing the Elite you will get 20CC per Elite Achievement completed.

This is my full guide to A Traitor Among the Chiss Flashpoint!
I hope you find it useful!

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