SWTOR Game Update 5.3 Release Date Announced

Preview of SWTOR 5.3 2nd Boss Encounter in Gods from the Machine Operation

We finally know it! SWTOR community manager Eric Musco just announced the Star Wars The Old Republic Game Update 5.3 Release Date. It’s on 11th July! I knew it. Bioware is making me a nice present… I hope. 5.3 should also bring us the 2nd boss from Gods from the Machine Operation on Iokath – the twins Esne and Aivela.

If you have fallen out of track, catch up with everything that we know so far about this Patch. Reminder – there will be a lot of Class Changes in it. Here’s the link to my comulative post, you know, like I always do for each update in the past ~2 years.

► Everything about SWTOR Patch 5.3

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